Watch this video showing the crazy reaction during a microwave soap experiment. You`ll be shocked when you see what happens.

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Steve Mould from the YouTube channel Science Videos has posted his latest video showing what happens when you microwave a bar of soap. The video is somehow pleasing to watch and makes you want to try the experiment yourself.

Would advise against it though unless you want to be scrubbing your microwave clean for hours.

The soap bar used in the video was Ivory soap, whether this microwave soap experiment might work with other soaps is uncertain. Maybe we’ll see more videos from Steve on the subject in the near future.

Bonus Facts About soap That You Probably Never knew

Ever wondered why daily dramas are called soaps? It comes from the term soap opera which was given to drama shows that played on daytime radio during the 1930s. These shows were mostly sponsored by soap or detergent manufacturers and hence the name has stuck through the decades.

The earliest soaps were made by boiling a mixture of wood ash and animal fat. After a while a foam like substance would start to form on the top. The pot would be left to cool and the substance on top would slowly hardened. The substance was then collected and cut into bars to be used as soap.

It is actually quite easy to make soap and can be made by anybody.

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