Airline pilot Santiago Borja gets the best view of powerful storms from his cockpit and captures amazing high resolution images that will blow you away!

Airline pilots are probably the people with the best views of storms. Every day the fly high above the clouds at high altitude giving them a unique view of storms. From the cockpit they get a head on view of amazing acts of nature which not many of us get to see.

Pilot Santiago Borja has a fascination with storms, he takes his high quality camera with him all the time. When the storms arise he has a front seat view to capture some of mother natures most powerful events as they play out.

Below is just a small part of his collection of high resolution images showing spectacular results of his craft.

The best way to really appreciate the work of Santiago Borja is to visit his website. Here you will these images in full resolution plus many more. Visit the link below.

About Santiago Borja

“I’m a Pilot and Photographer based in Quito, Ecuador

I fly the Boeing 767-300ER for a major airline in South America.

As a Photographer I mainly do Nature and Landscapes. I’ve been featured in The Washington Post, NatGeo Daily Dozen and other media. I try to post daily on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, follow me!”

He works for Ecuador Airlines as a commercial airline pilot. Flying at between 35,000 and 38,000 feet through the America’s ans around they world. He has a very impressive portfolio and works for several major media companies throughout the world. He is one person who does not want to give up his day job. As that is what gives him the the best aspect of his favorite subject for high quality images of incredible storms.