Check out our online picture gallery of faces hiding in things we use and see everyday. You will never look at the world in the same way again after seeing these pictures.

1. Owl Face

funny house with a face

This church has a face of an owl. Not sure if it was designed to look like this or if it was purely coincidental but either way it does look pretty cool.

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2. So Why The Long Face?


In America this plant is called an Eggplant and in the UK it’s called an Aubergine. But why was it called an eggplant in the states? It looks nothing like an egg.

Plus it is related to the tomato and is classed as a fruit and not a vegetable.

3. Happy To Grate For You

cheese grater with a face

The first grater was invented in the fifteenth century by a Frenchman and was made by sharpening a metal shower drain.

4. I Believe I Can Fly

plane with a face

Did you know that the trays on planes are a hotspot for bacteria? Be sure to wash your hands regularly while flying.

5. Best Stick Toy In The World!


Even this stick seems happy somebody found him. Hooray!

6. Glum Banjo


Look at that sad face, it makes you want to buy him to make him happy. Or maybe we should also show him our online picture gallery to cheer him up.

7. At Least These Birds Are Happy


About 40% of the world’s birds migrate every year with some species traveling nine thousand miles to get to their desired destination.

8. Oh My God!


What an Earth could this building be so shocked to see? Maybe he is also looking at our online photo gallery.

9. Three Wise Men


Or water pipe clamps, what do you see?

10. Feeding Time


The Chinook helicopter has a top speed of 196 mph, 315 km/h making it faster than the Apache and Blackhawk. It has also been around for 50 years which makes it one of the longest running helicopter models in production.

11. Come On Baby Light My Fire


Pick me, pick me!!

12. Deep In Thought


This Victorian style house seems to be very suspicious of something.

13. Creepy Tree


This tree looks as puzzled to see you as you are to see it.

14. Shocked Chalet


What could be going on inside for this chalet to be so surprised.

15. Worried Bell Peppers


Did you know that the red bell peppers are actually better for you than the green ones? The red bell peppers have much more vitamins, nutrients and also contain the antioxidant lycopene.

Just like the Eggplant they are also classed as a fruit.

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