Slots in all their forms can turn into serious addiction very quickly. Like all other casino games, slots give you the opportunity to make money from real money put into play as bets.

Once you end up with a winning streak, it is hard to stop and quit with the winnings made so far. Players wish to keep going on and trying their luck until they hit the jackpot – check out Bob Casino no deposit free spins.

During this process, most players don’t realise how quickly they are depleting their bankroll. To counter these addiction problems, casinos and governments all around the world have put regulations in place. But there is greater vigilance required from the players when it comes to bankroll management while playing online slots.

Below, we discuss a few obvious signs reminding us that we need to stop playing online slots for good:

· Excessive Interest in Real Money Bets

Online slots can be played in the free mode as well as with real money bets. However, the latter is recommended only for the expert players who have stronger control over their gambling urges. In any case, if you find yourself inclined towards placing bigger bets with real money and keep increasing the betting amounts unnecessarily, then there is a warning sign to give slot-playing a break.

· Blind Pursuit of Bonuses

Bonuses in slot games can be highly enticing, particularly for new players. But the majority of the players fall prey to the wagering requirements underlying these bonuses and end up losing more money than winning, a big reason to stop slot-playing.

· Mental Disturbance

Once slot-playing experience exacerbates into an addiction, it can lead to many mental issues in players, like depression, anxiety, grief, panic attacks, etc., which can lead to long-term mental and emotional setbacks.

· Behavioural Changes

Slots are designed to keep players engrossed with the gameplay for longer sessions. As with online slots, the problem of indulgence gets worse as there is increased screen time added to the factors affecting the players. All these factors trigger behavioural changes, and players can become more irritable, unhappy and, in extreme cases, antisocial and suicidal in the long run.

· Reduced Social Activity

Addicted slot players don’t like social gatherings and are busy strategising for their game sessions. It can be detrimental for players and their families.

· Rapidly Decreasing Bankroll

While playing slots, dedicated players won’t pay attention to the speed with which they are using up their bankroll. Moderating the flow of your funds while playing online slots is crucial. Set a spending limit for every slot session, and when you run out of funds, stop playing straight away.


Normally, the signs of slot addiction are obvious, but they can get complicated depending on the specific social settings and personality of an individual. Every player comes from a different background and brings along varying possibilities of wins and losses. Hence, players need to balance all these facets of life while indulging in online slots to avoid the chances of developing severe slot addiction problems.