5 Most Awesome Decanters You Would Love To Own

Discover some of the most awesome decanters that are available today, we guarantee there is at least one decanter here that you simply must have.

1. Storm Trooper Decanter


This awesome decanter is perfect for Star Wars fans and comes all the way from a galaxy far, far away. It holds 750ml of your favorite spirit and is made from high quality Super Flint Glass.

It is currently on sale at Amazon Uk for a price of £24.99 which is around 30 US dollars. There is also a set of storm trooper shot glasses that would make your Star Wars set complete.

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2. Globe Decanter


This globe decanter has the world map etched onto it. It can be easily rotated allowing you to have your favorite country on display.

It can hold around one liter of your favorite drink whether it be Whisky, wine or other spirits that you enjoy consuming.

This decanter is also available with a set of matching glasses. It is currently available on Amazon for price of $70 US dollars.

3. Poison Bottle Decanter


This poison bottle will surely freak your friends out as you pour them a drink, could you be poisoning them will probably be the first thing on their minds.

It would also make for a great Halloween party prank, pour everyone a drink and see who has the courage to down it first.

4. Ship Decanter


You most probably heard of ships in bottles but have you ever seen one inside a decanter? This glass barrel can hold around 1 liter of any liquor and it is fitted with a tap for ease of pouring drinks.

It is for sale on Amazon for $99 US dollars.

5. Skull Decanter


This skull is totally awesome and looks even better with the mini skull shot glasses to match.

It is currently for sale on Amazon for just $25.43.

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Which of these decanters would you love to own?

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