10 Most Expensive Types Of Gourmet Cheese In The World

If you love your Gourmet Cheese then check out just how much you could end up paying for the best selection from all over the world, which is your favorite?

10. Cacio Bufala – $45 per pound

Strong but delicate in flavor this type of cheese is made from Buffalo milk. It has twice as much fat of cows milk and produces some of the creamiest cheese in the world. It is also made with a traditional technique. Aged from 8 to 12 months in the caves of Casa Madaio. The flavor of this gourmet cheese is delicate and buttery and melts in your mouth.

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9. Jersey Blue – $40 to $45 per pound

Marvelos cheese was first made in the UK using milk from Jersey cows which has a very high level of butterfat content and makes this gourmet cheese so individual in flavor, now manufactured in Switzerland very fudgy and creamy in texture and taste.

8. Epoisses by Germain – $45 per poun

Said to be one of the stinkiest gourmet cheese on the planet and also one of the most famous. You must not let the stench put you off though, inside the orange-washed rind is a gooey delight that tastes earthy and full bodied. This cheese wheel is then rinsed with Marc de Bourgogne brandy made from the local vineyards in France.

7. Old Ford – $65 per pound

This goats milk gourmet cheese is firm, earthy and has elegant floral tones with a strong bite to it. Goats tend to pass much less milk than cows. Old Ford is aged and pressed to perfectionand processed by hand. It’s time and labor-intensive but the flavor makes it totally delicious.

6. Caciocavallo Podolico – $70 per pound

The name translates to “Horse Cheese” in Italian language but it’s actually made from the milk of a very rare breed of cattle called the Podolica. The cows eat wild strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and other wild fruits which give this gourmet cheese its distinct and marvelous flavor and appearance.

5. Extra Old Bitto – $150 per pound

Tasty cheese comes from China. They are known for making some of the most expensive and oldest cheeses in the world. This particular Bitto was acquired by Hong Kong importers, it was made in 1997. Since most Bitto is aged for around 10 years, this particular round was exceptionally rare.

4. Wyke Farms Cheddar – $200 per pound

Traditional classic Cheddar gourmet cheese is an essential to any cheese lover. It can make the perfect sandwich, combines perfectly with any beer and wine. But Wyke Farms turned this most traditional cheese into something incredible by infusing it with white truffles and enhanced with gold leaf.

3. White Stilton Gold – $450 per pound

Totally delicious cheese is probably as over the top that cheeses get… The Long Clawson Dairy first made this cheese just for Christmas season. But due to its popularity with celebrities and rich folk and it is now available all the time if you have to money for extravagance. It combines real gold flakes and gold liqueur with the punchy flavor for a masterpiece that explodes in the mouth.

2. Moose Cheese – $455 per pound

Truly a wonderful cheese which comes from Bjursholm, Sweden and at a place called the Elk House. It is the only place in the world that makes moose cheese. One of the reasons this cheese is so expensive is that the cheese is made from three domestic moose which are kept in captivity. Between the three of them they only yield about 600 pounds of cheese each year which is all the can produce.

1. Pule – $576 per pound

A gorgeous cheese comes from Serbia in Europe. It very crumbly in texture with a delicate flavor. It is made from donkey milk. It takes around 25 pints of donkey milk just to make just one pound of this very expensive cheese.

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