Have you ever noticed the freedom a well-trained dog enjoys compared to an untrained dog? While an ill-mannered dog has to be restrained and kept away from others, a well-trained dog gets to interact with people and other dogs.

This fact is what has most likely propelled 73% of all dog owners to use some type of training method with their dogs. We all want our dogs to be able to interact with others especially when we have them out in public or have visitors to the home.

If you plan to add a four-legged friend to your family, knowing how to train a dog to walk on a leash is essential. Keep reading to learn five tips on leash training a dog.

1. Introduce Dog to Leash and Collar or Harness

When beginning to leash train a big dog or a small dog, it’s important that they get used to the leash and collar or harness before going outside. You can get them used to it by putting it on them inside the house and offering a treat. They’ll associate leash time with treats for a positive attitude.

2. Practice Inside

Once the dog is comfortable with the leash, practice walking inside the house. There will be fewer distractions in the house so you’ll be able to keep the dog’s attention.

3. Teach the Dog to Stay on One Side

This is one of the best dog walking tips. Teaching your dog to stay to one side or the other will prevent him from tripping you up. Keep the leash relatively short so the dog can’t get in front of you or zigzag or circle you.

4. Time to go Outside

Patience is key here. There will be many distractions when you go outside to walk. Keep the first several walks short. Guide the dog away from distractions and when he follows, reward him with a treat.

5. Work Through Issues

Is the dog pulling, lunging, or barking while on the leash? Get your dog’s attention with a treat to redirect him to proper behavior. Stay still until the dog is paying attention. Continue walking once you’re back in control.

Training Essentials

When you begin training, you should have the best dog harness or a good collar. Do not use a choke or shock collar. With a large dog, a harness gives you better control. Get a sturdy five to six-foot leash. Retractable leashes are not recommended for training. And have treats available to reward good behavior.

Leash Training a Dog

Follow these tips on leash training a dog and your dog will be walking by your side in no time. Remember that leash training takes a lot of time and patience…and treats! Be consistent and stick with it. You’ll enjoy the results of proper training for years to come.

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