Did you know that there are more than 33,000 species of fish that have been discovered around the world?

Bringing fish into your daily life is possible when you create an aquarium where they can thrive in.

If you want to get exotic fish, you will need to get started on designing their home.

Continue reading to discover the most essential steps for building an aquarium that your fish will love!

Gather Supplies

One of the first steps to building an aquarium is gathering your supplies, which could take some time.

If you want to learn how to build an aquarium that self-cleans, you will need to purchase a filter and various testing kits. Heaters are another essential component that can impact fish and stabilize their health. You can add a thermometer to the water so that you can monitor the accuracy of the heater.

A fish tank, decorations, and net will also come in handy.

Cover the Bottom With Gravel

Aquarium fish need gravel in the bottom of their tanks to control bacteria levels.

Not only does the gravel looks nice, especially if you get it colored, but it also serves a purpose! Gravel acts as a filter in the aquarium by preventing amoebas and bacteria from growing. The water can easily flow through the gravel, which even prevents mold from producing over time.

Once the gravel is down, you can start adding decorations to the tank. The decorations make the aquarium look better and also provide sanctuaries for the fish.

Prepare the Water

Adding fish into new water might seem like a safe idea, however, it can kill them if the pH balance is off.

Most people add chlorine and chloramine removers to the water in the tank. This helps reduce the contaminants and chemicals, increasing the chances of survival. Before adding the fish, test the pH levels and ensure that the temperature of the water is safe for transfer.

Add Your Fish

No matter what type of fish you are drawn to, you want to fill up your tank with species that get along.

It’s helpful to mix bottom feeders with other types of fish since they all contribute to the ecosystem. Guppies, goldfish, and rainbowfish are some of the most popular species that people get. You can also get the neon tetra, which is bright and colorful!

Many people recommend getting captive bred fish since they are affordable. Depending on the type of fish that you want to put in your aquarium, you might end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars. Although the cost of building an aquarium isn’t much, you will need to budget for the fish.

Are You Building an Aquarium Soon?

Whether you are interested in building an aquarium at home or the office, the steps are simple to follow.

The supplies for an aquarium don’t cost much, but depending on the fish you get, you could have a valuable tank. Since the water can become harmful to the fish, you should test the pH levels often and monitor the temperature.

Don’t hesitate to add playful decorations, especially since it helps make the aquarium feel more like home for the fish.

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