Australia is like nowhere else on earth. Its isolation from the rest of the world combined with a small population density allow all kinds of unique flora and fauna to thrive across its diverse range of habitats.

But it’s also huge, covering almost 3 million square miles, which is what makes a road trip across Australia such a fantastic way to appreciate the vast beauty of this fascinating country.

But which routes are best for taking in the sights? Read on to find out the best Australian road trips.

1. The Great Ocean Road

No Australia road trip is complete without a drive along Victoria’s famous Great Ocean Road. The route, which runs along the southern coast from Torquay to Allansford, takes in shipwrecks, rainforests, lighthouses, and craggy cliffs. One of the highlights has to be catching the eight remaining Twelve Apostles at sunset, although Port Campbell National Park is also a must-see.

2. The Legendary Pacific Coast

While it’s definitely the most traveled route, this 560-mile Sydney to Australia Gold Coast road trip is arguably the best too. Along the way up to the bright lights of Brisbane, make sure to enjoy the wineries of the Hunter Valley, stay in an Ingenia Holidays park in hippie-chic Byron Bay, dip your toes in the ocean, and try every water sport going.

3. The Red Center Way

Beginning and ending in Alice Springs, this loop is one of the best Australian road trip routes to complete if you’ve never explored central Australia. Ancient landscapes, star-filled skies, dramatic gorges, and a dynamic cultural energy make this road trip through Australia’s red heart as unforgettable as it is unique. You’ll also get to cross Australian icons such as Uluru, Watarrka National Park, and Kata Tjuta off your list.

4. The Explorer’s Way

Any South Australia road trip planner should include at least two weeks to take in the dramatic peaks, ancient gorges, and red rock canyons of the Explorer’s Way, running from Adelaide to Darwin. Highlights on the trip include the natural amphitheater Wilpena Pound, the underground city of Coober Pedy, and one of the outback’s most famous pubs, the Prairie Hotel, where you can feast on grilled kangaroo and emu.

5. The South West Edge

While searches for ‘map my road trip Australia’ might not suggest this road trip from Perth to Esperance in Western Australia first, that’s the beauty of it. Unlike the other trips on this list, this region is a lot less well-explored, meaning that you’ll have many of the amazing sites on the way all to yourself.

As for what you’ll see, how do sandy white beaches, crystal clear water, beachcombing kangaroos, killer whale displays, and a bubble-gum pink lake sound? And then there’s the famous Margaret River wine region to top it all off!

The Best Australian Road Trips

As this selection of some of the best Australian road trips shows, the land down under is every explorer’s dream.

Whether you’re planning on following the coastline or venturing into the outback, you can be sure that breathtaking views await you.

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