Kid Gets Run Over In Auto Accident And Walks Away - Crazy Video

Is this a miracle? Os this kid a young Superman? We just don’t know. The boy gets caught up in an auto accident and then run over. But what is shocking is that the boy just gets up and walks away like nothing happened.

As you can see from the video the boy doesn’t just get run over: we see the car rolling over the boy’s head and torso along with most of the mother’s lower body.

The child received no injuries whatsoever and luckily the mother survived the crash with minor injuries. Remarkable!

Do you have any theories how this boy walked away from this auto accident?

7 Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know About Hit And Run Accidents

1. Out of every 100 auto accidents, roughly 11 of them will be hit and runs.

2. The responsibility for any damage occurring due to the accident falls on the victim during a hit and run, mainly because many victims carry the minimum coverage, which does not cover them in the event of a hit and run.

3. Some cities require that the victim or a witness to the auto accident is able to identify the driver, not just know the license plate number.

4. Civil litigation is used in many states and cities in order for victims to seek restitution for any damages that occur during a hit and run.

5. Most auto accidents occur on private property are not pursued by investigators. The same is true for parked vehicles.

6. Almost every U.S. state has a set period of time, also known as the statute of limitations, for prosecution of the fleeing driver in a hit and run. This timeline ranges from as much as 10 years to as little as 3.

7. Due to the statute of limitations, even if a hit and run accident was to cause a death, the driver causing the accident can actually confess without being arrested and charged if the proper amount of time has passed.

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