Latin Woman Gets Swept Away By Sea After Taunting Mother Nature

A young Latin woman was recently swept along by an incoming tide on a Spanish beach. The woman could see the danger approaching but decided to taunt mother nature instead and was then unable to reach safety in time.

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This incident happened on the 6th of January of 2014 during a rough sea storm on Sardinero beach, near the Spanish city of Santander, Cantabria.. The woman was dragged along the beach by the powerful wave until she eventually stopped and managed to walk off the beach to safety.

The Latin woman was fortunate not to have been swept out to sea.

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Beach Safety Tips

Here are some beach safety tips so you don’t end up like the woman in the video above.

1. Swimming in the ocean takes different skills, so before you get your feet wet, it’s best to learn how to swim in the surf. You should also swim only at a lifeguard-protected beach, within the designated swimming area. Obey all instructions and orders from lifeguards.

2. While you’re enjoying the water, keep alert and check the local weather conditions. Make sure you swim sober and that you never swim alone. And even if you’re confident in your swimming skills, make sure you have enough energy to swim back to shore.

3. Young children or inexperienced swimmers should wear life jackets in and the around water. No one should use any other type of flotation device unless they are able to swim.

4. Don’t dive headfirst—protect your neck. Check for depth and obstructions before diving, and go in feet first the first time.

5. Pay especially close attention to children and elderly people when at the beach. Even in shallow water, wave action can cause a loss of footing.

6. Keep a lookout for aquatic life. Water plants and animals may be dangerous. Avoid patches of plants. Leave animals alone.