9. wood car

People just love coming up with unique ideas and long for something different from the norm and because of this there is a growing group of people who adore customizing their cars and creating something eccentric. Here are just a few examples.

Here is a collection of ten crazy looking cars for your amusement and when you have finished looking at them, pick which one you think is the most craziest and tell us your choice at the end of the article.

1. The Rocket car

a custom car shaped as a silver rocket

2. Cardboard Car

a car covered in cardboard for a crazy car display

3. Diffuser Overkill Car

a crazy car with ridiculously too big diffusers

4. The Van Thingy

a strange crazy grey van

5. Sea Story Van

crazy car - red van with sea story pictures

6. Donkey Kong Car

a crazy car with donkey kong stickers and enormous wheels

7. Hog Beetle

red vw beetle that looks like a pig

8. Crazy Cat Car

crazy car that looks like a pink cat

9. Wooden car

a crazy car with wood paneling

10. Mouthy Car

a porche 911 with giant teeth on the front