Here is a collection of some creative cakes made by talented cooks that I am sure will have you amazed, in fact some of them are so good you will probably question whether they are actually cakes.

I remember as a kid my mother used to make some pretty damn good cakes, some of the shapes she came up with was castles, hedgehogs and cars. If I recall every cake she made was a usually a chocolate base, mainly because it was requested by me.

1. Nokian Car Wheel And Tire Cake

a cake shaped as a nokian car wheel with tire

The tire part looks so perfect, you wouldn’t want to cut this to pieces would you?

2. Construction Site Cake

Are the builders edible?

3. Heineken Bottle Cap Cake

a cake shaped as a heineken bottle cap

If Heineken made cakes….

4. Eiffel Tower Cake

a cake shaped as the Eiffel Tower with trees in the backround

I wonder how many attempts it took to make this, I can imagine it being extremely delicate and quite easy to topple over.

5. Money Cakes

3 hundred dollar bill cakes

This would be the only time you would enjoy eating a hundred dollar bill, I guess.

6. Mac Mini Cake

a cake shaped as a mac mini with a cd

The CD looks amazing, more impressive than the mac mini.

7. Roulette Wheel Cake

a cake shaped as a roulette wheel

This cake looks so real, I wonder if the ball is edible.

8. Map of India Cake

a cake shaped as the map of india with several 3d figures of an elephant and indian

I just love the little elephant and snake figures.

9. Laptop Cake

a cake shaped as two laptops

Are those laptops real? I can’t tell.

10. Money Machine Cake

a cake shaped as a money machine

This cake comes with a power cord, wouldn’t recommend plugging in in though!

11. Bottle Of Cognac Cake

a cake shaped as a cognac bottle

I am presuming there is some actual cognac in the cake too.

12. Scorpion Cake

a cake shaped as a scorpian

I hate scorpions, so I am not sure if I would really want to eat this cake.

13. Bridge Cake

a cake resembling an irn bridge over a river

This cake looks amazing, anybody know what bridge it is meant to be?

14. Med school Book Cake

a cake shaped as a medical school book

Those look like Harry Potters glasses.

15. Burger and Chips Cake

a cake shaped as burger and chips

At this place you get a burger and chips for dinner and desert.

16. Nikon Camera Cake

a cake shaped as a nikon camera

I fancy a piece of cake now, anybody else?


Which cake was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.