Can You Solve These Moving Optical Illusion Brain Teasers

Do you like puzzles? If so then take a look at these moving optical illusions, they really got my head in a spin and probably will spin yours too. Check them out and see if you can solve all these brain teasers.

1. Are The Circles Rotating?

Focus on the following moving illusion and watch what happens to the circles.

rotating circles illusion

You are probably thinking this is a moving image but it’s not, the circles are still but the picture gives the impression they are rotating.

2. Which way is this window facing?

Take a close look at this picture and see if you can tell which way the window is facing.

a black and white drawing of a window facing two directions - illusion

Can you see it? This is a pretty good optical illusion picture as sometimes it appears the window is facing left and sometimes to the right.

3. Is The Picture Moving?

This moving optical illusion will definitely have your head in a spin. Focus on the dot in the middle and move your head back and forth.

an illusion with two circles giving the impression that they are rotating

Is that freaky or what?

4. Can you see the two words in this illusion?

The following image actually shows two words, if you concentrate on the white part you will see the word optical and if you concentrate on the colored part you will see the word illusion.

a picture illusion with a word that reads both optical and illusion

Is that neat or what?

5. Are these legs crooked?

Take a look at the following optical illusion image and see if you think the legs are crooked or straight.

a black and white picture that shows two old men with crooked legs - illusion

The legs on these two gentlemen are actually perfectly straight but the illusion gives the impression that they are crooked legs.

6. Are These Lines Straight Or Curved?

a black and white illusion picture of crooked lines

After looking at the above picture you are probably thinking that the lines and boxes are all curved but they are actually as straight as those of a chessboard and each of the small squares have the same size.

7. Are The Balls Moving?

This last picture seems like its moving but the image is actually still. The contrasting colors and the placement of certain elements trick our brain into thinking that the image is moving.

an illusion picture showing moving balls


How did you get on? Which one was your favorite?