Magical Wildlife Pictures Of Animals In The Snow

The animals these wildlife pictures may look like they are suffering in the cold but in most cases, the photographers were actually colder than most of the animals.

Mammals like foxes, cats and other furred critters have to maintain constant body temperatures, so they often accrue stores of body fat and grow additional coats of winter fur to help themselves cope with the cold. These winter coats create an extra layer of insulating air between their skin and the cold air outside, and sometimes even grow in white to help them camouflage themselves in their new environment. Anyone with a breed of dog that has adapted to the cold, like a husky, knows how hairy things can get when they start shedding their winter coats.

Birds also grow additional winter feathers, and these too can grow in white, especially among larger primarily carnivorous birds like owls. Some birds are not as well adapted to the cold as others, however – a common sparrow may burn 10% of its body weight during an especially cold winter night, so any food or sheltered roosting spaces you might want to provide them with the next day would probably be much appreciated!

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Magical Wildlife Pictures Of Animals In The Snow
Image credits: Alina S

Image credits: Marcin Kesek


Image credits: Radim Urban

Image credits: Jules Cox

Image credits: Masatsugu Ohashi

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Image credits: Marcin Ryczek

Image credits: Cody Eichelberger

Image credits: Alexia Khruscheva

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Image credits: Roeselien Raimond

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Magical Wildlife Pictures Of Animals In The Snow
Image credits: Felix Smith

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