Top 5 Vegas events next 14 days

Why visit Vegas events next 14 days

Each of these events is worth the attention, because the preparation of the organizers is thought over to the smallest detail. You can assert that each of the shows requires you to remember the smell. If you gather to spend the weekend on one of these shows, you will definitely not regret it.

* Murray The Magician
* Sugar Brown
* V CARD: The Vegas Nightclub Pass
* HITSVILLE – the show
* Defending the Caveman


The show of the famous magician Murray SawChuck is already waiting for you in Vegas. He has also guest-starred on:

* Reno 911!
* NBC’s Last Comic Standing Celebrity
* Blind Date War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave
* Jerry Lewis Telethon

Always interesting tricks, good preparation of the entire program, many interesting and impressive things you can see, and possibly take part yourself. Each time you stay on this performance, you will be able to understand that the halls are always completely crowded, and not surprisingly, because it is the performances of this level that we must receive when you go to any other performance.


It’s a #1 show in cheap Vegas events next 14 days list. Three words that immediately catch your attention:

* burlesque
* comedy
* erotica

Sugar Brown is a woman with an extremely interesting way of life that can not leave anyone indifferent. Her stories, filled with vibrant moments of life, are always enjoyed by the audience. Her performance will be held in Vegas in September if the act will be pressed, is not yet known. So hurry to buy a ticket for her show, the more ticket price is only $ 43.

Much of what Sugar tells on stage is her own experience, maybe she does it in some unclear, vulgar form, but she chose this filing, which means that she has certain reasons for doing so. Similarly, she may unexpectedly move to poetry. Many erotic, frank dances, this is what Sugar did for us. In order to fully understand the essence of her speech, it is necessary to be extremely open, since it is impossible to remain closed when on the stage dance streets.


Vegas events next 14 days review on top. If you are 18 years old, you just have to get to this event. The best Vegas Club invites you to a 24-hour party for each of you. The most famous DJs, only the best types of alcohol, many lonely girls and boys are waiting for you. The feature of this party is the complete lack of queues at the entrance, coming to the club you can completely forget the word “queue” because here you pay your money not to stand at the entrance a few hours before the start of the party.

No less important is the fact that sometimes the club conducts completely abnormal parties, in which each of the guests are obliged to be in a mask. The administration does not disclose the names of its clients under any circumstances, since among them, as a rule, are not the last people in Forbes ratings. Skillful bartenders who are always ready to make any cocktail at your request. If your order is not available on the cocktail card, bartenders are always ready for new experiments, as well as if your idea will please your idea, it can make a cocktail absolutely free. No one cancels striptease at the club.


Shows on which miss Jin-Jin Reeves who brings her unbelievable talents. If you bought a ticket for this performance or plan to buy (at the present time, the discount on Vegas appearances is 50%), you have made the right choice one by one, spend a few hours listening to Miss Jin Jin’s beautiful voice and a wonderful addition from the team of professional musicians who have repeatedly proved their primacy in various competitions.

The warehouse of the band at the time of its greatest popularity:

* Jennifer Reeves – lead vocals, percussion
* Mick Jones – lead vocal, pianos, keyboards
* Joe Strummer – guitar
* Norman Watt-Roy – bass guitar
* Topper Headon – drums, percussion

Unfortunately, at the moment, some of the participants left the group, but the idea and spirit of the group still remained as it was before. The act is held once a week, so you can always book tickets in advance in order to forgive the time in a wonderful atmosphere.


It’s one of the best Vegas events next 14 days. Comedy play, written by Rob Becker, who gained ferocious success at many events invited by Rob. He visited many countries as:

* Germany
* France
* Canada
* China
* Austria

The show depicts the difference between men and women in all senses. Many of the scenes on this show are devoted to married couples and their household problems. No wonder the show is called “Defending the Caveman” because Rob examines this problem from the point of view of a man, and maybe some primitive views on any women’s issues. How frequent are the quarrels between men and women through trinkets, which it is simply impossible for men to understand? Rob answers this question and tries to answer by mocking many aspects of the relationship. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that before the show, many people who bought a ticket are taking part in a sort of lottery, winners of which receive a 50% discount on any food or drink. It was a Vegas events next 14 days. You will definitely enjoy any of these shows