Things to do in Zakynthos

Greek Islands are a great vacation place for anyone. The Greek seas are legendary spaces to relax and enjoy yourself, and nowhere is it more prominent than Zakynthos.

One of the best islands with jagged coastlines, hills and a vast amount of fauna. You won’t lead a considerable amount of luck to see the loggerhead sea turtles, which you can meet by the beaches without much worry. Rent out one of the villas in Zakynthos and enjoy a peaceful vacation like no other.

1. Shipwreck View Point In the Northwest part of the Island

The Shipwreck View Point is one of the best places to visit in all of Zakynthos. With picturesque cliffs all around and splendid white beach, this is the quiet getaway you’d love. The entire View Point is something to savor and enjoy throughout the day. While hiking to the beach is impossible, it’s easy to catch public transport to nearby and catch a boat to the beach. Swim along and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets while you’re there Pro Tip: Carry sunscreen and umbrellas. While the beach is gorgeous, there’s a little cover for you to rest in the shadows so you’ll need it.

2. Alykanas and Alykes

The beautiful beaches in Alykanas and Alykes are some of the best you can find on the island. Away from the usual hustle and bustle, these beaches offer one of the best places to relax. Situated in the Northwest side, the Alykes Beach has shallow waters which are suitable for families to enjoy themselves and take their children along. For a little bit more adventure, the Xechoriatis Beach is a rocky and sandy beach that’s a beautiful space to enjoy yourself. All the beaches in the entire area are wonderful and quiet, so, if you’re planning on a romantic getaway, this is the ideal vacation spot.

3. Zakynthos Town Rebuilt in the traditional Venetian style after a devastating Earthquake

The Zakynthos Town is what dreams are made of. The whole space is something that you can enjoy if you like quiet places with peace at the Town. The nearby beach in Solomos Square is filled with white sand and pebbles and is one of the best places to enjoy yourselves. The Solomos Square with Culture Centre and the Zante historical notes for you to get a taste of the history of the town. If you’re looking for a whole trip, is a Tourist train is an excellent option for you to visit the entire city in one go.

4. St. Nicholas Beach

A Greek Chapel near the sea and beautiful localities all around are what separates St. Nicholas Beach separates the St. Nicholas Beach from the others. Filled with diving centers and adventure sports places in the whole area. The entire site offers jet skiing spaces and other things on the beach. The warm waters also provide a great way to enjoy the swim in the beach. Pro TIp: Enjoy lounging near the beach and eat at the restaurants instead of carrying your picnic from far away.

5. Skinari

A short Taxi to the northernmost part of the island would take you to Skinari. This northernmost tip features some of the best views of the entire islands with rich hills and beaches all around. This also provides a way for you to visit the Shipwreck Cove since it is very near. With lighthouse and windmills all across space, this is one of the places that you can enjoy. The Windmills have also been converted into living spaces so that you can enjoy yourselves in peace.

The entire area is usually emptier than the other tourist hotspots; this is the space you want to go to enjoy an extended vacation without interference. If you’re careful, you can also find flora that is endemic to the area. Pro Tip: This might be one of the best places to stay in the entire area and it tavernas that can provide you with local cuisine that you can enjoy.

6. Vasilikos

Located on the Southeast, Vasilikos is the home for the famous loggerhead sea turtles. While, comfortable situated, this is one of the places where you can enjoy the whole trip without the crowding of tourists. The Porto Zorro Beach is a rocky beach that you can enjoy with towering cliffs and rock formations. If you want to see a Zante beach without being crowded out by other visitors, the Porto Roma with quiet, calm beaches is something that you can enjoy.

The beaches in Vasilikos have a regular visit from the turtles and has very few visitors crowding the natural scenery. Pro Tip: Keep the most extensive time for Dafni beach which is a tranquil space for you to enjoy. It’s under the protection of the National Park and has some local villas and tavernas so that you can enjoy a lounging without any problems.

The Zakynthos island is one of the best islands to visit in Greece with different types of sceneries and peaceful beaches to make you feel great. If a quiet vacation is your jam, then this island should be on your list.