How to find the best Singaporean Street Food

Singapore is every food lover’s heaven on Earth. From the wide range of seafood options to the delectable street food that gets the pan sizzling, the options are quite extensive, ain’t they?

If you are someone who likes trying different kinds of food and would like to indulge in stir-fries and various kinds of quick iconic dishes around Singapore, this Singaporean food tour can help you guide along the way. It is from a platform called Withlocals, and our editor LOVED it! Here is what he tried out together with a local foodie: a great summary of some of the best street food in Singapore.

From quick stir-fries to the mouth-watering street food that Singapore is known around for, the options are quite extensive and we have all wrapped up for you.

Wee Nam Kee

Hainanese Chicken Rice is possibly one of the most popular Singaporean rice dishes around. If you are visiting this country, it is a no brainer that one definitely can’t miss out from trying this one of a kind dish. If you wish to indulge in the best of the best, Wee Nam Kee is possibly the best spot for you to be in. This national dish of Singapore is definitely something that you need to add in your food tour around this country.

Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee

Next on the list of the amazing dishes one absolutely needs to try out is Char Kway Teow. This is possibly one of the most commonly known street foods around in Singapore and mainly because of the flat rice noodles that are used in the making of the dish. It is loaded with soya sauce and a lot of vegetables and seafood and stir-fried in a deep wok to get that charred caramel-likeflavor that majority of the expats rave about. The best ones will have the garnish of deep fried lard which is not commonly found everywhere but luckily, you can get it at Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee.

Tai Wah Pork Noodle

Next on the list of the dishes, one need to absolutely add to their overall Singaporean Food Tour is a hearty dish known as Bak Chor Mee. The dish literally translates to minced pork noodles and is possibly one of the best comfort foods you can try while in Singapore. It is a complete celebration of pork and contains the meat in a variety of form which is then cooked with noodles, soy sauce,and a lot more ingredients. Tai Wah Pork Noodle is possibly the best place to try these minced pork noodles.

Tong Ah Eating House

Now that we have more or less covered every aspect of the street food one can enjoy, it is time to discuss a bit about the kind of breakfast one eats in Singapore. The Kaya Toast is possibly one of the most commonly eaten variants. It is nothing but a piece of toast which is slathered with kaya that is a type of jam made with coconut, sugar as well as egg. It is also served with poached eggs drizzled with black sauce. Tong Ah Eating House serves the best in the lot.

Eng’s Wanton Noodle House

Yet another one of the amazing popular foods around in Singapore is the Wanton Mee. If you have been tired of having the common wontons around, you are definitely going to be surprised with the Wanton Mee which are served on a bed of thin noodles. The filling is different from the traditional prawns and does have minced pork and prawns. It is served with a steaming hot broth along with some egg noodles and some char siew and some of the popular and staple leafy greens. The Eng’s Wanton Noodle House is the most popular spots around that serves the best Wanton Mee. Make sure to not miss out on this while there.

Foong Kee Coffee Shop

You will often find a number of street food vendors selling around meat skewers and roasted meat with a variety of spices on the streets of Singapore. The one thing that stands out of the lot is the Char Siew Fan which not many chefs or street food vendors get right. Getting that correct level of juicy and crunchy is nothing short of an art. Majority of the locals state that it is mandatory for the pork in the Char Siew Fan to be not just succulent and juicy but have a layer of perfect caramelization to accentuate the taste of it. The best part of it is often the rind of crackling that many people are not often that aware of. The Foong Kee Coffee Shop does make the best Char Siew Fan in the locality, so if you are in Singapore, make sure to check them out for sure.

Selera Rasi Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is possibly one of the national dishes around in Singapore that is loved and adored by every single one of the citizens. Infused with the beautiful flavor and aroma from the pandan leaf and the amazing luscious taste of the coconut milk simply makes this dish worthwhile. It is predominantly a Malay dish which is consumed during breakfast time. There are a number of accompanies that people consume along with this rice dish, the sambal chilli,anddeep-friedomelet being the predominant ones. Selera Rasi Nasi Lemak is possibly one of the most popular spots that are known for serving the best Nasi Lemak.

Keng Eng Kee Seafood

While in Singapore, you will definitely miss out if you don’t try Tze Char. This literally does translate to stir fry and is one of the popular Hokkien variants you can find in Singapore. From vegetarian options to the various kinds of non-vegetarian options, you will find quite a lot. Make sure to try out the ones from the Keng Eng Kee Seafood which is located in the Bukit Merah Lane and is considered as one of the best spots to try out the various kinds of stir fries from.

Singapore has a little bit to offer to everyone. From deep-fried unhealthy and junk foods to healthy salads and soups, this country goes all out with their food fantasies.