Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Milan, The World’s Capital of Fashion

When visiting Italy, Milan is one of the most famous cities that pop into your head and make you jot it down on your check list. You might want to check out every store and walk around admiring the outfits of the people living in the world’s capital of fashion- but the good news is that these are not the only things Milan offers to its visitors. Rich in culture, art, tasty food and drinks, Milan comes with opportunities on everyone’s taste.

Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Milan:

1. Canals are present here as well

Everybody knows Venice is famous for its canals, but you might be surprised to find out that Milan has a rich canal network, as well. Even if they date back to the 12th century, navigli- the watery highways- can still be found in town. You can enjoy long walks along the canals, which are surrounded by cafes and restaurants or enjoy a trip on the canal. You’ll be surprised by the atmosphere of these places and you will not even realize you’re not in Venice!

2. Restaurants close quite early

As you might already know, Italian people are very punctual and sincere and these features can be seen in their schedules as well. In case your Milan airport transfer makes you arrive in town after 9 p.m., you’ll probably have a hard time finding a place to eat and this is because Milanese people tend to stick to a rigid schedule. After some days spent in this Northern city, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that eating early is quite a healthy habit that you should take up.

3. Great cultural attractions

Yes, fashion in Milan will surround you at every step, but this Italian city is actually richer in culture than the eye meets. This is because it has a rich Roman heritage: beneath the famous Duomo cathedral, there is a huge maze of underground galleries open for every interested tourist. You can find out many interesting things by joining a guided tour inside this hidden world.

4. Famous for tasty drinks

The good quality coffee you enjoy in the airport while waiting for transfers from Milan airport is nothing compared to the drinks you can enjoy if you go out in the evening. Special cocktails, mixtures of drinks such as spritz and other delicious treats are waiting for you at any corner, as they’re Milanese symbols.

5. It’s not only about fashion

Milan is not only about fashion, it’s about finance, as well. It is Italy’s financial capital and therefore, you can expect to see a city full of banks, corporates and financial centers around.
Now that you’ve found out so many interesting details about one of the most famous cities in Europe, make sure you’re ready to embrace every experience Milan offers you while standing back on navigli’s bank with a nice cocktail in your hand and a good fashion sense in your pocket.