During the sweltering hot months of summer, many young children are out of school for the summer break, and with time on their hands and nothing to do, there is a need to find fun-filled, educative, and creative activities to engage them while keeping them out of trouble at the same time.

For parents who take off from work, this is a prime opportunity to spend time with their children and participate in activities that are fun and that they can bond over. For those who will be working, this can be especially difficult. The overwhelming nature of the average profession does not allow the luxury of time off, let alone the opportunity to spend the entire day with young, exuberant children. It is demanding and hyper exhaustive, which poses the need for alternative forms of entertainment that complement a tight schedule and keeps the children occupied.

What to Do

One tried and true method of managing this situation and making the best out of the time available is to find the perfect summer art activities that will engage children and will be fun for adults as well. This could be crafting, drawing, colouring, or painting. It could also involve reading, engraving, or crocheting for older participants. These are interactive ways for kids and families to engage in fun activities together. This encourages learning through play, and these are activities that everyone can engage in. It is perfect for both school, and family time and it provides an avenue to find artistic expression. These activities are so interactive that they help foster friendships between children, give adults the opportunity to connect over light fun and strengthen the bond between families.

Where to Go

One such place where materials for artistic activities can be found is a company named TheWorks. It is a discount retailer based in the United Kingdom with over 500 stores between the UK and Ireland. A family-friendly company, TheWorks caters to all age groups and offers products like materials for arts and crafts, jigsaw puzzles, outdoor games, storybooks, and toys. For the more mature customer, it offers stationery and gifts suitable for all seasons.

This summer, TheWorks is offering up an arts and crafts summer sale with up to 15% off when you spend up to £10 online. With so many options to choose from, a fun-filled creative summer is guaranteed. Items on sale include glitter glues, engraving art sets, sketching sets, pencil sets, and accessories among others. They offer standard delivery

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A trip to one of its hundreds of stores will leave you overwhelmed with ideas for the best summer art activities to make family time even more fun so you can have a summer filled with memorable moments and wonderful creations.