In 2018, British Vogue shocked the world by breaking out a tremendous collection of modest apparel outfits. These included tops, bottoms, and full body dresses which displayed something that hasn’t been seen in a while – nothing.

The fashion industry is known for its illustrious shock and awe, so you can imagine how the crowd reacted when they got nothing what they were expecting.

That was over a year ago and the British Vogue runway was right again. Modest fashion is back in style and women all over the world are embracing this fashion statement with boisterous charisma. Here’s why this fashion sense is taking over the world and why you should care about the turnaround.

#1 – Easy Variety

One of the top Vogue fashion designers Phoebe Philo expresses her love for modest clothing, “It is so easy to combine different items together in one place.” What most women love about these simple yet elegant pieces is how they offer many options for the customer. This is what the majority of the industry is focused on and it is catching on. Family owned boutiques like E and O Apparel offer modest church dresses and other items which can easily be organized into several outfits if needed. Versatility is the new fashion trend and women are digging it.

#2 – Modesty is Empowering

Fashion designer Givenchy reveals her inspiration to prepare modest outfits is more geared towards building self esteem and having a feeling of empowerment for women. It has nothing to do with the idea of male oppression she says, but giving women the option to wear what they love, not what is influenced. The history of women’s fashion in the Western world since the beginning of the 20th century has been dictated by men. However, this empowering option shows the woman that she doesn’t have to flaunt it all in order to feel respected and honored by the people around her.

Modest fashion allows this option for women, and women all over the world are embracing these ideals with vigor and breaking out of their own shells. Again, designers emphatically state this fashion statement isn’t about the oppression of male influence in fashion, but about the modern age of equality where both sexes embrace the things they love.

#3 – Simple and Elegant

One of the reasons we love modest apparel’s big boost in the fashion world is because of the combination of simpleness it brings along with the silent elegance that makes fashion desirable. Rico Rinaldi shares just that in his fashion designs in order to allow the item to not take away from the person wearing it, but to allow the person wearing the item to stand out a little more with elegance and class. “It’s not about the fabric or style, it is about how the fashion makes you feel and elegance can be acquired by sharing how less is generally more”.

#4 – Generally In Our Price Range

One of the sad aspects of high fashion is most of the general public of women won’t be wearing it because they simply can’t afford the items. Since modest apparel designers have started to become more and more popular, boutiques are offering more styles and better deals to their customers which is beneficial on all fronts. Not only can you admire the fashion from the runway, but now women can feel empowered themselves by adding specific items they love to their closet without spending a fortune on them. Having a high fashion statement in your closet that doesn’t mean you have to take out a second mortgage on your home is a positive aspect to this industry indeed.

#5 – Modesty is a Statement

As we discussed earlier, in the past, it has been the men who have called the fashion shots and required specific regulations on what is in style. Modest apparel is becoming more popular because while women are feeling empowered, they are also creating a persona of who they are to the public. Modesty is an integrity move for women who want to level the playing field and our hats are off to them.

In Conclusion

British Vogue made modest fashion popular in 2018, however, they weren’t the first people to start this trend. Many women of various faiths and religions all over the world have continued this fashion sense out of loyalty to their belief systems. This type of fashion is an amazing eye opener to women who have never seen it before and it calls for a certain respect in the public eye. Modest apparel has been around for a long time and women who participate in this fashion sense are feeling the positive benefits from it.