Outdoor Seating That You Would Rather Be Relaxing In Right Now

In this cave pool in Satorini, Greece

We have compiled a list of 20 outdoor seating places you would love to be relaxing in right now, whether you love beaches, mountain views or forests their is something in our list for everyone. Take a look and tell us which one of these outdoor seating places you would rather be in right now.

1. In This Sunken Alcove Garden In New Zealand

Outdoor Seating
Photo – Twitter: @Earth_Pics

The Sunken Alcove Garden is very unique and beautiful garden in New Zealand. It was formed in the 1960s and offers a sense of calmness and separation from its urban surrounds. The garden was upgraded in mid-2001 with new steps being built between the pohutakawa trees and the pond was made more noticeable to pedestrians.

2. In This Hanging Cocoon Hammock On Dedon Island, In The Philippines

Outdoor Seating
Photo – dedonisland.com

Located at the southeastern tip of reef-ringed Siargao, just around the corner from the Philippine Deep and the legendary surfing wave, DEDON ISLAND nestles between ancient mangrove forests and the white sands and crystal clear waters of the sea. A palmfringed paradise, naturally sheltered from the raw tropical wilderness all around it, the place is magic.

3. Dinning On A Private beach In Mykonos, Greece

Outdoor Seating
Photo – kivotosclubhotel.com

The Hotel Kivotos’ private beach is situated in Mykonos, Greece. The outdoor seating is accessible only to hotel guests which ensures absolute seclusion and composes an idyllic setting. Romantic meals are available anywhere on the hotel’s grounds and if you want even more seclusion you can can dine on their private yacht.

4. Cruising In A Watercar Panther Amphibious Jeep


The Watercar Panther Amphibious Jeep can tackle off road conditions with ease while also performing well in the water. Top speed is not great but how many vehicles do you know can go off road, on road and in the water?

5. On A Sea Swing

Outdoor Seating

Is there anything more relaxing then sitting on a swing on a paradise island? Could this be the ultimate outdoor seating place? I would certainly love to be there right now.

6. In This Hanging Hammock On Dedon Island

Outdoor Seating

Another peaceful and relaxing outdoor seating area on the Dedon Island, In The Philippines. The whole island is full of secret spots allowing visitors to relax and unwind in seclusion.

7. In This Rooftop Hot Tub In Gothenburg, Sweden

In this rooftop hot tub in Gothenburg, Sweden

How amazing would it be to sit in this hot tub and watch the snow fall on the city of Gothenburg in Swedan.

8. In This Glass Floor Ocean Cottage In The Maldives

Photo - starwoodhotels.com
Photo – starwoodhotels.com

Over-water luxury is found at the W Retreat & Spa in the Maldives. This cottage is perched above the lagoon and you can peek at underwater fauna through the glass floor, or cool off in your private over-water plunge pool. How awesome would it be to watch fish swimming about beneath your feet?

9. In The Beach At The Lido Beach Resort In Sarasota, Florida

IN the beach at the Lido beach resort in Sarasota, Florida

This outdoor seating and table have been created from the sands at Lido Beach Resort in Florida. There is enough room for 8 at the table but you better hope the tide doesn’t come in before you finish your meal.

10. In this cave pool in Satorini, Greece

In this cave pool in Satorini, Greece

Santorini is home to only 15 thousand residents and is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. With beautiful views, stunning beaches, and amazing architecture, it’s easy to understand why this island is so popular.

11. In The Hammock Of A Tiny Hut In Santa Marta, Colombia

Photo - anti-statusquo.com
Photo – anti-statusquo.com

If beautiful beaches are not your thing then how about relaxing in one of these hammocks at the Tayrona National Park in Colombia.

12. In This Floating Bungalow In The Maldives

Photo - tajhotels.com
Photo – tajhotels.com

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives, is an exclusive, private and romantic island resort lush with tropical plants and encircled by clear blue waters of one of the largest lagoons of the Maldives. It spreads idyllically along a pristine beach and serene lagoon.

13. On This Porch In Thousand Islands, Canada

Photo - sun-surfer.com
Photo – sun-surfer.com

This little house is located on one of the Thousand Islands in Canada. These islands split between New York’s North Country and Eastern Ontario, lying on the Canada-US border. It is a very scenic and popular summer cottage area.

14. In This Hot Tub Boat In Seattle, Washington

Outdoor Seating
Photo – hammacher.com

This is an electric boat with a hot tub built into its deck, it was engineered and built in Seattle by a marine carpenter that specializes in custom house boats. It can easily hold 6 people and has waterproof stereo system that plays music from your MP3 player and four ice chests built into the deck provide ample storage for your drinks.

A 24-volt electric motor propels the boat up to 5 mph on calm water, steered via a joystick by a bather located starboard/aft. Its rechargeable battery bank provides up to 10 hours of power from an overnight charge.

15. In this statue on the beach in Puerto Vallarto, Mexico

Outdoor Seating
Photo – trekearth.com

This was taken in the city centre of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico of one of many random trendy and cool statues located along the beach.

16. Sitting On Top Of The Dachstein Mountain in Austria

Photo - dachstein-salzkammergut.com
Photo – dachstein-salzkammergut.com

The Dachstein is an Austrian mountain and is the second highest mountain in the Northern Limestone Alps. It’s peak reaches over 2,500 m and has snow covering the top almost all year round making it an ideal location for skiers and snowboarders. There is also a restaurant at the peak allowing you to dine while taking in the magnificent views.

17. In This Sea Restaurant In Bora Bora

Photo - vacationrentalmarketingblog.com
Photo – vacationrentalmarketingblog.com

How about dining in this outdoor seating area on the island of Bora Bora. This would be one experience you would never forget but you may have slap plenty of sun lotion on as there is no shade.

18. Against A Llama In Machu Picchu

Photo - imgur.com/gallery/hBovV
Photo – imgur.com/gallery/hBovV

Machu Picchu was built in the classical Inca style, with polished dry-stone walls. Its three primary structures are the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun, and the Room of the Three Windows. If you can’t find a comfortable seat to take in the amazing views then you could always use a lama.

19. Floating In A Swimming Pool Movie Theater

Photo - fourseasons.com/vail
Photo – fourseasons.com/vail

If you love movies and swimming pools then this outdoor seating is the ideal place for you. Take in a movie while floating around on a giant sofa in the pool at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vail, Colorado.

20. In A Natural Rock Pool In Pamukke, Turkey


This exotic site is located in the Denizli Province which is in the south western region of Turkey. This site is famous all around the world for its terraces of carbonate minerals which are formed due to the flowing water. At this place you can also find travertines and hot springs. This world famous site appears like a Cotton Castle that is why various people from all around the world come to visit this place.

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Which of these outdoor seating places would you love to be relaxing at right now?

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