There is so much to explore in the world. It is starting from man-made monuments to natural wonders. A majority of these people consider visiting a historical site as a lifetime experience.

One such historical attraction is the Pyramid of Giza and the other pyramids of Egypt.

Number of People Visiting Every Year

It is one of the most popular historical sites in the world. There are 3 pyramids which are more famous than the rest. These are Khafre, Khufu, and Menkaure. They serve as the pharaoh’s tombs. Khufu is called the pyramid of Giza and is known to be the oldest amongst three. Also, it is one of the Eight Wonders of the World. The pyramid experienced 14.7 million footfalls every year.

The story behind the pyramid is that it had been developed by the slaves of Egypt. This story had been reported by Herodotus, the Greek historian in 5th century BC. However, the story was confirmed to be fake when the tomb that contained the remaining of the workers had been discovered just close to the Giza pyramids. It would be a great honor to be buried beside the Pharaohs which is not granted to slaves.

Things to See in the Pyramid of Giza

There is nothing that can beat the experience of getting up close and personal to these ancient monuments. These are the most feted and famed structures of Egypt. It continues working its magic on people who visit. A trip to Egypt is not going to be complete if you do not spend time in the most famous tourist attraction. When you visit the pyramid of Giza and stay in best hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, here are some things you can check out.

Pyramid of Khufu

The Great Pyramid of Giza is also known as the Pyramid of Khufu. It is one of the most popular monuments in the world. It was decreed to be constructed by the Pharaoh of Khufu. Previously, it was known to the Egyptians as Ekhet Khufu. 100,000 people are known to have worked on the construction site. The cubic content of this large structure is just stunning. The measure of the great Pyramid leaving out the interior chambers and the rock foundation is 2.3 million cubic meters.

Even though there is not much to see when you are inside the narrow and dank corridors, it is worth checking out. The entrance to this structure is located on the northern side. It had been cut by the tomb robbers about fifteen meters below the actual entrance. The narrow tunnels will take you to Grand Gallery. This masonry of the passage is just splendid. Behind the tomb chamber, in the open, you are going to find a granite sarcophagus that once contained the mummy of Khufu.

Solar Boat Museum

When the east and southern side of the Pyramid of Cheops had been excavated, it revealed 5 long boat cavities and Solar Barque had been broken for over 100 pieces as the native offering. The continuous and effortful restoration works help in piecing the Barque. You will find this 4500-year-old cedar boat in a one-room museum located just adjacent to the Great Pyramid.

Eastern Cemetery

Towards the eastern part of the Pyramid of Cheops, you will find 3 smaller pyramids. These had been constructed as the tombs of queens and also the daughter of Pharaoh. There is a large cemetery which is meant for the other relatives. A row of Mastabas are to be found on the southern side which belongs to the high dignitaries.

Western Cemetery

Towards the western part of the Pyramid of Cheops, you will come across the series of the royal cemetery. These are reserved for the members of the Royal House and also the high state official that had been established in the time of the 4th Dynasty and was used until the 6th dynasty. Tourists will find a small entry of Tomb of Senegambia-Into which showcases interesting carvings on the wall.

Pyramid of Khafre

This is also called the Pyramid of Chephren. It is 160m south of the Great Pyramid. The structure had been constructed by Khafre, the son of Khufu. At first, these seemed to be much larger than the pyramid which had been constructed by his father since it sits on higher land. A significant part of the real limestone casing has been preserved towards the apex of this pyramid and eastern side, the layout of the mortuary temple can be distinguished clearly. This pyramid has a height of 135.5 meters while the base measures 210.5 meters.

Pyramid of Menkaure

The small one among the Giza pyramids is Pyramid of Mycerinus. It is also called the Pyramid of Menkaure. The structure is constructed with large blocks of limestone. The vertical height of the attraction is 62 meters while the base measures 108 meters. Towards the southern part of the pyramid, you will find 3 smaller pyramids that have been left unfinished and was reserved for Pharaoh’s relatives. Travel 4 km south of Pyramid of Menkaure to get a panoramic view of the whole site.


After the Great Pyramid, this is the second most celebrated site of Egypt. This is a simple but finely developed structure made from granite. It is shaped like a lion and has the head of a lion. The lion wears a head-cloth and also a cobra.

Weather, as well as deliberate mutilation, has caused a lot of damage over time. Irrespective of this, it continues to be a powerful and majestic structure. The entire figure measures 73.5 meters and has a height of 20 meters.

If you want you can take a horse ride when you visit the pyramids. The best time for this is the sunset as you will be able to head out to the desert around to catch a pleasant view of the monuments as the sun sets in the horizon. Do not forget to go for a camel ride, too. This might be a cliché but is one the best experience to have when you are in Egypt.