Carolina On My Mind: The Top Unique Things to Do in Asheville, NC

Asheville is one of the best cities in the South. What should you do there? Read on to learn about the top unique things to do in Asheville.

Whether you’re on an RV trip up the East Coast or are looking for a fun weekend getaway, Asheville is a must-see city in North Carolina. Though it is not a typical “touristy” location, there is much to do in this beautiful town.

If you have a recent visit to Asheville coming up or are considering adding it to your list of pit stops, you may be wondering what there is to do. For that, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some unique things to do in Asheville, North Carolina.

1. Biltmore Estate & Gardens

Arguably Asheville’s most notable tourist attraction, the Biltmore Estate and Gardens have been around since 1895. Originally built for George Vanderbilt, it is the largest privately owned home in the United States.

On top of the amazing home itself, the gardens are a sight to see. They are very memorable in their own regard, and are comparable to the Versailles Gardens and are a great photo opportunity and walk to take.

2. Escape Room

Whether you’re traveling with a big or small group, an Escape Room challenge is always a fun and exciting way to spend a day. It is a great, brain-teasing activity that will teach you to work together in order to escape the room. In Asheville, you can participate in the Mystery Mansion Escape Room as a way to get your mind working and active.

3. Pinball Museum

One of the more unique things to do in Asheville is visiting the Pinball Museum. At this museum, you can find a huge selection of vintage pinball machines, great for any of the nostalgics out there.

What is even better, though, is that all of these machines can be played on. This should be a great trip down memory lane for parents, and a great learning experience for children.

4. Helen’s Bridge

For those of you looking for a good thrill, Helen’s Bridge may be the most haunted location in North Carolina if not the entire United States. It is said to be haunted by Helen, a mother who hung herself on the bridge after her daughter’s death.

Today, people say that you can see her standing near the bridge in a long gown. Stories of car trouble, physical pains, and headaches plague visitors that cross the bridge.

This bridge is not the only haunted location in Asheville. In general, Asheville is a ghost lover’s top destination. With many ghost tours to choose from, you have to visit Asheville if you’re looking for a spooky time.

Top Things To Do In Asheville

Whether you’re looking for a bout of nostalgia, trying to explore a beautiful old home, or are looking to get scared, there are many things to do in Asheville. These activities make Asheville a great place to visit for any road trip or weekend getaway.

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