An escape from the hustle and bustle of the city is a necessity for people at times. The towns are suitable for residing but can be suffocating sometimes. For that, an escape to the wilderness is a nice break from all that.

We spend time on our phones and work for a major part of the day. Without phones and WI-FI, you might think you will run out activities to do. In that case, we have got you covered.

Here are 5 things for you to do while camping:

1. Explore Nature

Sometimes the sole reason for camping is to be closer to nature. The sound of birds chirping and natural water running soothes our senses all by themselves.

Simply lying on the grass bed of a forest, staring at the blue sky and just talking about life with a friend or a family member can be therapeutic.

If you are going camping for more than a couple of days, exploring nature solely won’t suffice. Additional to that, you can do the following activities as well:

● Leaf collecting.

● Whittling.

● Bird and animal watching.

● Collecting beautiful rocks, flowers, etc.

● Watching fireflies at night.

Remember to do these activities without damaging or disturbing the wildlife. Both simple and extravagant things can be fun depending on the individual’s personality.

For some people, even reading in the wilderness is an extraordinary experience. Decide what is suitable and fun for you then plan accordingly. Camping doesn’t follow set rules and guidelines; do what makes you happy!

2. Play games!

The more, the merrier, they say. If you are camping with a group of friends or your family members, there’s a bunch of games you can enjoy while camping.

It is easier to focus at the moment because there is barely any distraction due to phones or computers. The ‘no WI-FI’ zones are best for an awesome camping experience.

Here are some games you can play,

● Card games.

● Board games.

● Charades

● Paper games like hangman, tic-tac-toe and connecting dots.

● Scavenger hunt.

● Flashlight tag and more!

Make sure that you have taken precautions for safety in the dark while playing. Faveable suggests you carry extra flashlights, batteries in case of emergencies.

If you have a water body or a river nearby, you can go swim racing and play in the water. Hiking can also be a fun game activity, depending on the collective stamina.

You can divide yourselves into two to three groups and race each other to a point for hiking.

Stake bets and rewards for the winning team while the loser team has to cook or fix everyone’s tents. It should be fun and inclusive for everyone!

3. Musical Nights

Campfire and music are classic camping activities. Listening to music and singing along with your friends or family will be an astounding memory to cherish.

If you wish to plan a small event surrounding the last day of camping, a musical night is the best choice for that! Remind people to bring guitars or other portable musical instruments along with them while camping.

Build a campfire and sit around it, enjoying the musical moments together. The musical night is incomplete without food.

You have to ensure delicious food and marshmallow is a must! Incorporate toasted marshmallows into your musical night for people to have something as a snack.

End your night with dancing and relaxing with your friends. Holding the musical night on the last night of the trip ends it on a memorable note.

4. Fishing or swimming

In a study, it shows that people living near the ocean have healthier minds and lower stress levels. So if you want to escape the stress of work and the noise of the city, camping near oceans is the best pick for you!

Swimming is an exciting activity to do while camping. Whether you are alone or with a group, swimming is fun! You can hold swimming competitions in the groups for enjoying playtime while swimming.

Obviously traveling to coastal areas just for camping is not feasible or reasonable. But you can go camping in the wilderness where there is a pond, a river and if you are lucky; maybe a fountain!

You can go fishing in the river for a change. Many people just go camping to fish. Waiting patiently and quietly for hours is relaxing. Fishing activity is known to reduce stress level and keep your nerves calm.

5. Yoga & relaxation

Carry everything you need so you can relax properly while camping. If your stress levels are high even at camping, try yoga or meditation in the wilderness for better results. Nature always calms our mind. You just have to let it in.

You can take your pets along. Camping will be a bonding opportunity for you and your furry friend! Some people rent or take their cycles to camp; it makes hiking and traveling convenient.

Carry whatever you need and whatever you can. Your goal is to enjoy the weekend and have a fresh mind when you come back!