Vermont is full of tons of things to do and see. Keep reading for 10 amazing reasons to make Vermont your next travel destination.

Summer is nearly upon us! That means it’s almost time for vacation season. 80% of American families take a vacation during summer.

Traveling offers the chance to see the world in a whole new light. It lets us get away from the daily grind. Visiting new places lets us unplug so we can truly connect with our loved ones, or ourselves, and the things that fill us with passion. Vermont is one of the most beloved travel destinations in the United States. Tourists spent $2.6 billion visiting the Green Mountain State in 2015. Here are 5 great reasons to visit Vermont this summer!

5 Reasons To Visit Vermont

Vermont has something for everybody. Nature lovers love it for its beautiful, pristine wilderness. Culture lovers adore its vibrant art scene and sense of history.

If you’re still on the fence about visiting Vermont this summer, here are some reasons to help sway you!

Nature & Environment

Vermont is a veritable Eden when it comes to stunning natural beauty. If you’re fond of hiking, there’s the Green Mountain National Forest, the home to Vermont’s portion of the Appalachian Trail.

While you’re there, visit the Grout Pond Recreation Area for hiking suitable for everyone. Grout Pond Recreation Area boasts over 10 miles of flat hiking trails, that are suitable for the very young to the most honored citizens.

The Bald Mountain Trail, outside of Bennington, is also a great intermediate-level hike. The whole trip takes around three hours, taking you through some of Vermont’s most inspiring mountains, lakes, and forests.

Vermont’s natural beauty isn’t limited to the summertime, either. You simply haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed an iconic New England autumn. Trees explode into a kaleidoscope of vibrant scarlet, gold, and emerald, transforming Vermont’s epic forests into a sylvan paradise!

Lake Champlain

Mountains and forests aren’t the only natural beauty to witness in Vermont, either. It also features some of the most stunning bodies of water on the East Coast. Lake Champlain is the crown jewel of them all.

Lake Champlain is the sixth largest body of freshwater in the world. It features over 587 miles of shoreline to explore and get lost in. You’ll be able to observe over 300 different species of birds as well as other forms of wildlife.

For the lovers of the unknown, Lake Champlain offers a deeper mystery. It’s rumored to be home to “Champy” – a freshwater sea serpent that is North America’s answer to the Loch Ness Monster.

Lake Champlain isn’t just for hikers and monster hunters, either. There’s plenty of cultural attractions to lure the foodies and shoppers. Check out the Cold Hollow Cider Mill to sample some of the region’s infamous apple cider donuts.

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe is perhaps best known as one of the East Coast’s top destinations for winter sports. That’s not all there is to it, however. This idyllic town is gorgeously inspiring, year-round, for nature lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike!

Stowe’s natural beauty is one of its top draws, however, even if you’re not going to be skiing or snowboarding. The Stowe Recreation Path offers a chance to view some of the area’s most breathtaking vistas via a series of hiking and biking paths.

There’s Smuggler’s Notch State Park, as well. Smuggler’s Notch is a popular skiing destination, but it’s just as amazing during the warm weather months.

While visiting Smuggler’s Notch, you’ll be able to take a kayak tour to a local winery. For the adrenaline seekers, you can ride a zip line down Mount Mansfield. If you’re looking to hike without the sweat, you can take a tram to the top of Mount Mansfield, as well, and then enjoy the views as you hike down.

Delightful Cuisine

Vermont is also a foodie’s paradise. The Green Mountain State takes a lot of pride in local culture. Its food scene is a reflection of that.

Vermont’s most famous exports are some of the first reasons you should investigate its local cuisine.

Most importantly, Vermont’s infamous for its maple syrup. While you’re there, you should try as many maple products as possible. The only downside is you may never be able to eat artificial maple syrup again.

Vermont’s also notorious for its dairies. It’s home to the world-famous Cabot cheese, so make sure to try a wedge of this delicious, creamy cheddar while you’re there! There are over 45 cheesemakers headquartered in Vermont, so you could even schedule a cheese tour if you’re passionate about dairy products.

These are just some of the many delights of Vermont’s food culture. The entire state is well-known for its local pride and dedication to regional culture. Many restaurateurs source their ingredients from the finest local farms and ranches.

This means that much of what you’ll eat while vacationing in Vermont is fresh as can be. It also means you won’t be able to experience it anywhere else on Earth!


Craft beer has exploded in the 21st Century. Vermont’s been ahead of the curve in that realm, however. That means you’ll find more exquisite breweries in Vermont that just about anywhere else in the United States.

Vermont has more breweries per capita than any other state in the union. If you like good beer, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll adore among the many world-class offerings.

If you’re going to be drinking, you might enjoy a puff or two to go along with your pint. Check out JUUL Pods if you’d like to enjoy a hit of something, anywhere you like, without having to smoke.

There are just a few of the reasons you should travel Vermont this summer (or autumn, or winter, or spring.) You could fill an encyclopedia with all of the wonders the Green Mountain State have to offer. You should just go and experience it for yourself.

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