Guy Builds Fun Small Cars From Fairground Dodgems

These fun small cars are the work of a British Guy who had the crazy idea of making fairground dodgems hundred percent road legal.

Sixty nine year old Tom Evans bought a set of old dodgems and set about converting them for the road, first he removed the electric motor and replaced it with a small petrol engine from an old Reliant Robin Rialto which is a three wheeler.

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It can only achieve a top speed of 75 mph but then it wasn’t designed for performance, it was built to promote Tom’s fairground in Glasgow, Scotland.

Every where Tom drives this fun small car it gathers attention with hundreds of people taking photos and asking questions about this mad machine. Tom also likes taking people for rides in his dodgem.

To make this dodgem road legal Tom had to fit it with fully functioning lights, indicators, gauges and of course it wouldn’t be a dodgem without the large rubber bumper band wrapped around the car to prevent any bumps or scraps.

This is probably not the most comfortable of cars but it certainly is one of the most fun.

The dodgems are most people’s favorite attraction at funfairs and to have a real one that you can legally drive on the roads is a dream come true for Tom.

Wouldn’t you love to have one of these fun small cars too?

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