The coronavirus has sent jitters through the global tourism industry. As the tourist-centric economy has hit an all-time low, coronavirus vaccines’ rollout across the globe creates bubbles of hope.

Travelers are desperate for a life outside the screen. Countries reliant on tourism are considering opening borders to international tourists. Many countries are thinking of creating travel bubbles to encourage foreign travelers. But one thing is sure, coronavirus will stay, and we have to make adjustments for safe travels. With a lot of restrictions and regulations in place, venturing remains highly complex. If you are planning a vacation, consider the following factors before you hit the road:

Before Hitting The Road –

As you plan for a leisure trip, consider the following before packing your bags:
• COVID-19 Vaccine – If possible, get vaccinated for COVID-19. Allow two weeks as your body gets ready for travel after vaccination.
• If you are traveling with your family, plan without the aged family members or members with medical conditions.
• Follow the health rules set by your local and state authorities.

Get These Travel Essentials While Packing – If you are boarding a plane, you should carry the following things:
• Face Mask: Most airports and airlines have made it mandatory. A wide variety of face masks are available in the market. Buy a comfortable, reusable mask. A nonmedical, three-layered mask that comfortably covers the mouth and nose works fine for protection. Breathability is a vital factor to consider while buying a facemask. Go for a trusted brand while buying one. Always carry extra facemasks. After a long flight or a journey, you will need to change your facemask.
• Face shield: Consider carrying a face shield for additional protection.
• Hydrating hand Sanitizer, soap, and wipes: Carry your hand sanitizer. Whenever you touch a surface or come in contact with one, spritz some hand sanitizer. However, washing your hands with soaps with a 20-second rub is what the CDC suggests. So when possible, use soap.
• Alcohol wipes: Before you take your seat, wipe it with disinfecting alcohol wipes. Wipe your hand luggage if you are carrying one. We recommend a nylon sling bag that you can clean with a wipe.
• A nylon sling bag or a money belt: Keep your documents, passport, and phone safely in a sling bag.
• Carry an air-sanitizer for fresh, breathable, germ-free air.
• Disposable gloves: Though these are not the absolute-mast items, wearing one while using a public restroom will give you some mental peace.
• Pack fresh cotton towels.
• An antimicrobial touch-free hand tool will prevent touching surfaces and will keep you germ-free.
• Carry a collapsible food container, a water bottle, and a collapsible travel cup. Long flights or layovers will make you crave some food. Eating home-prepared food and drinking home-brewed tea/coffee is safe while traveling. Consider carrying food that contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial nutrients.
• Carry an oximeter and a thermometer.

Buy A Travel Insurance With Covid Coverage: In this uncertain time, whether you are a domestic or an international traveller, you need a travel insurance policy that protects you against coronavirus. When you shop for travel insurance, make sure your plan covers you adequately for Covid related issues. There might be unforeseen travel bans and quarantine requirements while you are on the go. You should get reimbursement if that happens. Cathay Pacific, the leading Hong Kong-based carrier, offers free covid insurance to passengers till 31 May 2021.

Be An Informed Traveler: It is imperative to research travel information before you start your journey. Different countries have different rules and regulations. While some countries have made quarantine compulsory, some do not require it. Countries including Japan, Cambodia, Maldives, Sri Lanka are welcoming international tourists with no quarantine. If your bucket list includes any of these destinations, you can book a flight and set off. Cathay Pacific, one of the world’s best and cleanest carriers, has flights to Japan from the USA. If you desire to experience the famous cherry blossom festivals in Japan, this is the right time to book a flight. Visit Cathay Pacific Travel Advisories for more information on inflight safety and vital updates about Cathay Pacific flights.

We hope you get the picture. You still can get coronavirus even after taking all the precautions. But as we have said earlier, coronavirus is here to stay.