Installation of gas water heater may seem like jobs for pros but in reality it is not as difficult as people normally think.

However, it is true that hiring a professional water heater repair company to get the job done is the best thing you can do. Given here are a few things to be taken care of for installing gaseous water heater.

Leave Space around the Geyser:

When you install a water heater, you need to remember that there should be some space between the apparatus and walls. If technicians do not have enough wriggle room, they cannot check out parts of the water heater and you would not be able to get it repaired properly when needed.

It is good to hire the expert technicians of Techcool services. Although some people think that placing geyser right on top of the toilet means a better access but actually it hinders technicians from reaching the apparatus with ease. Also, it is important to keep geyser away from the damp areas like toilet, bathtub and showers. The task can be done best by the technicians.

Water Heater should be at Adequate Height:

Experts are of the belief that installing geyser at about height of 1.8 meters or roughly 6 feet from the floor will ensure adequate amount of pressure and you can have a stronger water flow.

Electrical Connections and Switches:

Make very sure that your geyser is connected with MCB or Miniature Circuit Breaker which cuts off electricity completely if there are power fluctuations. This brings down the chances of any short circuit in the water heater. Apart from this, you need to keep the switch at a sufficient height from children for safety’s sake.

It is Important to Check Pressure Release Valve:

It is very important to check whether the pressure and temperature valves are working once in a year. It can be checked by releasing pressure a few times. It can become a major issue if relief valve of the water heater begins to leak. All you need to do is to drain the water out of the water-geyser and remove the discharge tube. After this, replace the valve and it is done.

Keep a Vigilant Eye Over the Plug:

Power fluctuations and making use of low capacity wiring for the power socket can turn out to be a big problem. It can lead to sparking. You may also notice burn marks on the pins of plug

because higher electricity wattage can heat up the pins as well as the plugs and can leave the burn traces.

Make Use of Plugs and Sockets That Are New:

In order to prevent any electrical short circuit, it is always good to use sockets and plugs which are new and have been properly plugged in and suitably wired. Besides this, you should also try to make use of MCB switch instead of the regular one as MCBs have a better construction than the standard plugs which can check any incidence of short circuiting. Also, it is good to switch on the geyser only when you need it and switch off once you are done.

Plastic Inlet and Outlet Pipes should be replaced With the Metal Ones:

It is always better to make use of metal inlet and outlet pipes because they are more heat resistant than the standard plastic pipes that are used with a geyser. It is good to check the joints on a regular interval. If there is any type of whitish deposit around the joints, it is to be replaced with the outlet or inlet pipes.

Wall should be Prepared Suitably:

Those who need a correct and firm installation of their geyser should prepare the wall suitably. First of all, a wall-plate or frame should be fixed on the wall and then geyser is to be installed on that plate. If there are solid walls, hole should be drilled in line to the fixed wall plate. If you have hollow brick wall, you need to take a special care and dig up sufficient amount of space and then fill that space with concrete. In short, the wall should be prepared well for the gas water heater installation and the wall plate is to be placed firmly on the wall for placing it.

Most important of all, you need a regular maintenance of your water heater to avoid problems. It is good to get in touch with professionals of Techcool and get the job done perfectly up to your satisfaction.