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Contemporary Design essentially means the style that envisages the present and the future. The contemporary architecture in design encompasses simplicity, classy look, beautiful textures, and clean lines and focuses on space and not on the objects.

A contemporary home includes stylish furniture that redefines chic style, places focus on objects like big wall panels of abstract art, a pop-up chair that draws attention with contrasting colour and looks, Wooden clad geometric TV wall with bold or neutral colours, customized ceiling designs that echo your personality with integrated suspended lighting- the ceiling is primarily suspended with wooden or metal frames and it uses materials such as Plywood, Gypsum board, Plaster of Paris, PVC sheets, etc.

Contemporary interiors have innovative designs and combinations in flooring styles, it considers artistic patterns in engineered wood flooring, ceramic tiles, wooden laminate, or carpet tiles that offer a custom look.

The basics of contemporary style interiors:


The interiors in contemporary look pay attention to the usage of neutrals, black, and white shades. The colour palette defines the subtle look and often eye-popping bold tones or furniture, windows, or lights are used to accent the style to usually bring a contrasting effect and cut the monotony of neutral dyes. The interiors use colours to have a camouflage look, brightening look or opposite hues to define differences. Colours are used to accessorize the backdrop and contrast colours in all other objects and spaces.

Line and Space:

Lines play a useful and crucial part in contemporary designs; lines are prominent in this style of home design in vertical, horizontal, curved lines. Lines are noticed in every segment of the design like walls, colours, ceilings, shapes, and windows. Space is utilized in every way whether it is bare or covered with art pieces or structural modifications.


Contemporary style talks about uncluttered, clean space which makes a bold and trendy look. Include neutral tones in the upholstered furniture with natural fibers with textures. Opt for the furniture that has exposed legs without fringes, trims, and excessive carvings.

Smooth flooring:

Flooring must be kept simple and elegant with wooden, vinyl, or tiles in order to incorporate carpet in contemporary style décor use muted and warm colours with geometric or plain textures and patterns in area rugs that accentuate the space.

Lighting and Art:

Patterns in lighting that brighten up space and glow the walls are a fabulous idea. Installation of a cove or indirect lighting with a splash of colours and trending fixture elements is a great idea. Using pendant or spotlights that match the length and colour of the furniture and space draws the attention. Sculptures and art frames at eye level with glossy and matte coloured frames enhance the finish.

The trends this year in contemporary fashion for interiors are:

Colour: The trending colour in 2021 in interiors is Naval blue, Terracotta, Blush, Charcoal; the shades with contrasting tints elicit other objects. They are elegant and can brighten up space, proper paint coordination with pastels and neutral shades will enhance the look. The flamboyant hues can be used in upholstery, wall art and frames, curtains, and area carpets or rugs also ensuring harmony in overall look.

Wood covering: Wood is the most popular trend today, it can be used for brilliant flooring, ceiling, and also wall covers. The Scandinavian style design with wooden addition can polish the look of the space in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom by making it closer to the environment.

Green hints: In contemporary design space, glass vases with large green plants liven up space. The green addition brings a natural effect to the room and works as a shift in focal point by cutting similar tones. Fresh flowers and plants add a delicate and elegant feel, texture and diffuse enchanting fragrance. Some of the gorgeous flowers that can be added are orchids, lavender, eucalyptus, cherry blossom, gardenia, carnations, etc.

In relation to the myriad of innovations contemporary architecture brings everything that is trending presently to make the house look radically different. The features of the contemporary home are Curved lines, Unconventional volumes, asymmetrical patterns, shapes in free form, massive – abundant glass windows, green roofs, cohesive landscapes in interiors and exteriors, Integrated smart home technology, and Integrated customizable LED lighting. Contemporary styles are unconventional with gravity-defying futuristic architecture.