Online slot games are all the range right now within the online gambling community, challenging the likes of online poker and sports betting as one of the most popular ways to bet. There’s only one way to witness that, and it is to visit to play slots games.

If you are new to the format or simply wondering why online slots have become so popular, then you are in the right place. Here are five reasons why slot games are so loved.

Smartphone accessibility

The huge popularity of online slot games can be explained in a more literal sense by looking at the rise of the smartphone and the optimisation of slot games for this all-conquering platform.

Since online gambling moved to smartphone devices, it has risen in popularity and this is thanks to being able to access games from wherever you may be and at whatever time. It is a simple reason but a massive reason as to why slots are popular right now.

Amazing graphics

Compared to the slot games of old, the graphics in the modern online slot have come a long, long way.

3D video slots are now the norm, as games with strong narratives and great characters have become the result of improved graphics. This has undoubtedly made the online slot even more popular amongst the online gambling and gaming community.

The improving graphics have lead to slot games being able to compete against other games and mobile apps, truly placing the online gambling format on the map – and the leaderboards – of popular online games.

Big jackpots

Another reason for the rise in online slots is due to the amount of money that one can win from playing them now.

Jackpot-orientated games can offer in excess of a million pounds, so who wouldn’t want to have a go at that? World records have been broken by the likes of Mega Moolah, a 5 reel slot that offers an almighty progressive jackpot.

The lure of winning some seriously life changing money is another obvious reason why slot games are so popular, but is a massive reason as to why, also.

So much choice

The rise of online slots has directly lead to more and more being developed and published.

The choice of games to play now is phenomenal and you can find yourself in Ancient Egypt for one slot game and then very quickly in outer space or the in the midst of a zombie apocalypse once you start to spin another set of reels.

The amount of choice has resulted in developers needing to outdo each other, too, so the standard of slot games has never been higher than this, online or otherwise.

They are very accessible

Both in terms of their functionality across all of desktop, tablet and smartphone, and in relation to their ranging minimum bets, the slot game is very accessible.

Easy to play and understand, the slot game is enjoyed by people young and old and this is another reason as to why the genre of online gambling is so popular right now.