Meet the adorable little cat that was born with two sets of ears. He was rescued from a cat shelter and new owners named him Yoda.

Valerie and Ted Rock couldn’t resist adopting this cute little critter. Their previous cat had not long passed away after being a member of their family for twenty years and once they set eyes on this unusual kitty they fell in love with him.

The couple decided to name this freaky feline after the Jedi master Yoda from the blockbuster Star wars movies. You have to admit the name kind of suits him.

They took him to a local vet to get checked out and the vet was stunned to see his extra ears. Only one other case similar had ever been reported and that was in Germany. After numerous tests it was apparent that Yoda had perfect hearing and so could lead a normal life.

The only noticeable differences is that he has a very quiet meow and his purring cannot be heard. The only way Valerie can tell Yoda is purring is by feeling the vibration from him.

Because of his bizarre appearance the couple keep him indoors in case somebody else falls in love Yoda and tries to catnap him.

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Every year around 3.4 million are cats are taken in by cat shelters. Most of these little felines are looking for a loving family to care for them. So if you are interested in adopting a pet cat please consider visiting your local cat shelter instead of buying one.

You also get the added bonus that the cat has been vaccinated and spayed thus saving you money on vet bills.