It’s the dream for most of us who like gambling – hitting that big win with one of our favourite jackpot games. Just think, you head to an online casino for a casual game of slots, hit that button, see those symbols lining up… the next thing you know you’re a millionaire.

But is it worth going after casino jackpots to chase this dream? The top priority when we’re playing jackpot games at should be to have fun. And if you ensure this, you won’t be wasting your time. Without further ado, let’s explore if it’s worth going after casino jackpots.

You’ll fill out a tax form after you hit the jackpot

Let’s say you’ve chased the casino games with a jackpot, and you’ve just won more than £10,000. Brilliant. The bad news is you’re going to have to pay tax. As soon as you’ve won, the casino will give you a document to declare your winnings to the taxman.

Although, that’s really not much of an issue when you’re still going to be walking away with more than you walked in with. And, the good news is that you can deduct the money you spent chasing the casino jackpot. Just make sure to keep records of wins and losses.

The casino will get to know and remember you

Once you’ve hit your big win on one of the casino jackpot games, staff at the casino are going to get on friendly terms with you. Your win from the casino’s jackpot games will alert the monitoring room at the casino, and a member of staff will need to verify your win and see your ID.

This applies to non-residents too. Players are eligible to win from jackpot games and take home their earnings, but tax rates will differ. If you can’t provide ID though, don’t fret. Some casinos will keep millions safe for years – they can’t spend it by law.

If you win more than £5000, you’ll likely get a cheque

It’s likely, but not certain, you’ll get a cheque if you win more than $5000 at one of the casino jackpot games, whether that’s an online casino or land. This applies only to some areas at least, while a casino can give out big amounts of cash and even escort you to your car, after that it’s on you.

Luckily, casinos do prefer to pay cash where they can as it’s good for business. But some laws can complicate the payout process, for example before giving you any winnings, a casino has to make sure you’re legally allowed it. This is to stop addicted gamblers from relapsing.

Now that we’ve gone over the details, is it worth going after casino jackpots? Seemingly so, yes. Sure, there might be a little bit of admin involved, but what’s that worth when you’ve pocketed a huge win from jackpot games? Casino jackpot games, if nothing else are a fun experience – so what are you waiting for?

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