Here is a collection of some freakish and funny Meme Faces that have been cleverly photoshopped around a real person to look as realistic as possible.

In case you have been hiding under a rock for the past few years and have no idea what meme is here is a little info:

A Meme Face is a drawn image that portrays a range of emotions including happy, angry, sad, satisfied and more. The meme face phenomena started back in 2007 on a forum web site called 4chan and later gained popularity on the social news website Reddit. In 2009 meme faces hit a surge in popularity and can now be found all over the Internet.

Now thats the history lesson over with lets kick off with our funny meme faces list.

1. Fuuuu Face

a drawn scary fuuuuface with sharp teeth and big eyes

2. Forever Alone Face

a drawn picture of a fat face guy crying

3. Trollface

a drawn troll face with a huge smile

4. F**k Yeah Face

5. Y U NO Guy

a picture of the y u no guy meme face

6. LOL Guy

a picture of the LOL Guy meme face

7. Me Gusta

a picture of the Me Gusta Guy meme face

8. Poker Face

a picture of the Poker Face Guy meme face

9. OMG Rage Face

a picture of the OMG Rage meme face