We have for you today seven real life people who look like famous cartoon characters. I cant help but wonder if the cartoon characters were actually modeled on the people or whether the people modeled themselves on the cartoon characters. What do you think?

1. Peter Griffin Look a Like

Not sure who this guy is but he sure looks the spitting image of Peter Griffin from the family guy.

2. Papa Smurf Look a Like

Bill Murray starred in the 2004 comedy The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and his appearance resembles a larger version of papa smurf. Don’t you agree?

3. Beavis Look a Like

Another unknown real life person here but he sure looks like Beavis from the MTV cartoon Beavis and Butthead.

4. Ned Flanders Look a Like

Homer Simpson’s neighbor bares a huge resemblance to Gary Oldman while playing Commissioner Gordan in the Batman Dark Knight movies.

5. Mr Slave Look a Like

Queen singer Freddie Mercury was around a long time before South Park’s Mr Slave appeared on our screens so perhaps the creators of the popular cartoon did actually model the character on Mercury.

6. Cleveland Brown Look a Like

Jesse Jackson looks a bit like Cleavland Brown from The Family Guy and he if he fattened up a bit more they would probably be identical.

7.Lion-o Look a Like

Comedian Scott Thompson or otherwise known as Carrot Top appears in this picture above looking like the lord of the Thundercats, was it intensional? Only Carrot Top knows.