Faith is a two legged dog who has triumphed over her handicap and mastered walking upright on her back two legs. She’s become an model to a lot of people and has given hope to many military troops who’ve been wounded during service.

Faith the walking dog was born at a junkyard in December 2002. She had two perfectly formed hind legs but regrettably she only had one front leg which was disfigured. A teenage lad named Reuben Stringfellow happened upon the unfortunate little puppy dog as her mother was attempting to smother her. Reuben saved Faith and took her back home to his mother, Jude.

They adopted the adorable little young pup with lots of determination, and a great deal of peanut butter for a enticement, Faith mastered walking on her two rear legs.

Faith has also come to be a bit of a celebrity and has been a guest on numerous TV shows including Oprah. She also has her own website and facebook page.

Watch the video below with Faith as a guest on Oprah.