To reduce destructive chewing behavior, one study found that 94 percent of pet owners provided their dogs with a chewable treat to distract them. However, this comes with the risk of choking if not properly supervised.

Did you know that installing a dog door is a safer alternative to reducing destructive behaviors in dogs? But, that’s not the only benefit of dog doors.

In this article, we discuss how dog door installation can benefit you and your dog. From reduced anxiety to better safety, the right pet accessories make all the difference. Read on to learn how dog doors improve quality of life.

1. Your Dog Can Let Themselves Outside

One of the most sought-after benefits of dog door installation is your dog’s ability to let themselves outside. This is not only convenient for you, but it’s also convenient for your pet. They no longer have to wait to go outside.

This is especially beneficial during the winter months when it’s too cold to keep your dog outdoors for extended periods. They can let themselves out to do their business and come back inside for warmth.

2. Fewer Accidents in the House

Since installing a dog door means your dog can come and go as they please, there is less risk of potty accidents in your home. This also means your floors and carpets stay cleaner and you won’t have to clean up accidents.

3. Reduces Your Dog’s Anxiety

Without access to convenient pet accessories like dog doors, your dog is more likely to develop anxiety. This can be related to being away from you or not being able to relieve themselves or getting punished for accidents.

Instead of stressing over a full bladder or worrying about you while you’re away, your dog can relieve themselves as they need and get mental stimulation and distraction from the outdoors.

4. More Exercise for Your Dog

Instead of sitting around the house bored, deciding to browse your dog door options can help your dog get more exercise. This can help improve their health and minimize unwanted weight gain.

Dog door installation can be a part of your dog’s weight loss journey if they’re overweight. This can be helpful when you’re tired at the end of a long day but your pet wants to go play outside.

5. Improves Safety When You’re Not Home

Leaving your dog locked inside all day is typically the safest option to protect them from strangers and adverse weather. However, in the event of a fire or other home disaster, you want them to be able to escape through a pet door.

6. Keeps Your Furniture in Better Condition

Anxious and/or bored pets tend to destroy furniture. Even without anxiety or boredom, your pet repeatedly scratching at the backdoor can wear down your furniture. Installing a dog door can prevent this.

7. Improves Your Peace of Mind

With all of these benefits of pet door installation comes greater peace of mind for you. You no longer have to stress over whether your dog is happy and well-cared for. Plus, you get more time to relax without guilt.

Consider Your Dog Door Options

Installing a dog door comes with multiple benefits for you and your furry friend. Keep them happy, healthy, and safe while giving yourself greater peace of mind and reduced stress.

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