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Check out this Rat Rod, it was created by Steve Darnell and is based on a classic 1928 Dodge Brothers sedan. This rat racer sure grabs peoples attention especially with that steam train style chimney exhaust that bellows out the car’s diesel engine’s exhaust fumes.

Steve managed to create this rat rod within just three and a half months and put in around 1000 hours of hard labor.

This 3,800-pound rat rod can run the quarter mile in just 11.69 while reaching a speed of 118 mph, it could probably go faster but is limited by gearing and traction.

The front axle was donated by a coal mine truck, and tractor parts can be easily recognized all over the vehicle. While most people use their hot rods for racing and shows Steve actually drives his everywhere, even on the freeway.

Steve is planning on adding another gear to the transmission, and some slicker tires to bring the quarter mile down to around 10 seconds, we hope he eventually achieves his goal.