Ways to Keep Clothes Free From Bacteria

The reason why you wash your clothes is not to only to make them look good. You also want them to be free from bacteria. Sometimes, even if clothes look clean on the surface, they might still contain harmful bacteria that could cause itching and skin irritations. There are strategies to ensure that your clothes are free from bacteria apart from regular spinning in the washing machine.

Steam cleaning

To steam clean your clothes, you put them through a regular cleaning process. You use the washing machine as usual and allow a few minutes of spinning. You can add essential oils to make the clothes smell good. Once you finish spinning, you can take the clothes out and put them on a hanger. When you head to the bathroom, hang the clothes somewhere while you turn the hot shower on. The steam coming out of the shower will help in killing the bacteria on the clothes and free them from bad odour.

Brush the clothes

It might seem like a new technique to you, but a lot of people did this in the past. Using a micro fibre brush or soft brush, you can gently remove the bacteria on the surface. Brushing works perfectly for jeans and sturdy fabrics. You need to be gentle though to avoid tearing the seams apart.

Hand washing

Before there were washing machines, people used their hands to clean their clothes. Some people still do it now if they want to ensure that their clothes are stain-free. When you put all the clothes in the washing machine at the same time, there is a possibility that some of them won’t be thoroughly cleaned. However, with hand washing, you can see if there are still stains and spots that require further cleaning. It might take time and effort though to finish the job when you hand wash a bunch of clothes.


Spraying is a useful technique for killing bacteria. It depends on what you spray though. The best advice is to use vodka. It is colourless, so you won’t worry about staining the clothes. Vodka contains alcohol which is useful in killing bacteria. Spray the vodka on your clothes and let it stay there for a while. The odour will also go away if you use spray. Take note though that rubbing alcohol won’t work even if it also contains alcohol.

Dry cleaning

When you dry clean clothes, they use chemicals that can help remove stains and kill bacteria. It is quite complex, and you need help from dry cleaning experts to do the job. You don’t have to worry since you can find experts on this website if you want their services now. You can ask them to collect the clothes for dry cleaning and return them to you after a few days. You might have to spend money on dry cleaning, but if the goal is to remove bacteria from clothes, it is the best way.

With these techniques, you can now have odour and bacteria free clothing.

Image: Unsplash.com