Watch Five Free Funny Youtube Videos Clips Online
Today we have for you a collection of five very funny videos on Youtube involving motorbikes, mobile phones, football and horse droppings. So get watching and start laughing.

Once you have watched them all tell us which one was the funniest in the comments box below.

1. Reporting Fail

Spanish TV reporter, Maria Marintez gets humiliated on live television as a football player knocks her off her feet while reporting at the sideline of a football game between Osasuna and Racing.

2. Horse and Owner Fail

The owner of this horse attempts to show how placid she is and demonstrates that the horse will allow her to do almost anything, but the horse has the last laugh and the video comes to a smelly end.

3. Product Testing Fail

One of these very funny videos on youtube is by Sony Ericsson and features three models testing a variety of mobile phones. A representative from Sony asks the participants questions and the results are highly amusing.

Not sure exactly if this video is a set up with actors or genuine but either way its funny and worth watching.

4. Crash Prevention Fail

New features and technologies are constantly being invented to improve driver and passenger safety in cars, but what about motorbikes? This video demonstrates a new bike safety feature which is designed to prevent accidents but of course it ends in disaster.

The video is in German but don’t worry there are English subtitles to tell you what is going on. Enjoy!

5. Toilet Prank

This last video is a prank which involves a public portable toilet and an office, very funny definitely worth a watch.