Dodge charger riding on 30 inch rims

Check out this mean machine. It’s a 2010 Dodge Charger customized to the max and sitting on a set of enormous 30 inch wheels. The work was done by Midwest Customs and boy does it look menacing.

This modern muscle car has been fitted with a more aggressive body kit and fitted with a new interior. Midwest Customs have also installed an impressive music system complete with amp and subs.

The tuners are also planning to add a set of 32 inch rims to another 2010 Dodge Charger.

Check out he video below of the Dodge Charger riding on 30 inch rims.

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I kinda think this looks a little ridiculous, it looks more like a pimped up 4×4 than a cool muscle car and that green! Not exactly the color I would have chosen.

What do you think of this customized Charger, cool or crazy?