Visit Germany’s Fairytale Town of Baden-Baden

Germany is a country well known for its timeless tradition, spectacular views, vibrant cities, fairy-tale-like villages and architectural masterpieces.

Germany is also home to one of Europe’s most fashionable spa towns located in a setting that reminds of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Baden-Baden is the ideal base for exploring the Black Forest while enjoying the Belle Époque-era architecture and old-world luxury.

Black Forest National Park

This relatively new national park was established in January 2014 and it is already becoming one of the best ones in Germany. Filled with mountain forests and heathlands, moors, and glacial erosion cirques, the park allows visitors to go cycling, hiking or to enjoy winter sports.

For a full experience of the wilderness of the northern Black Forest, visitors can hop onto one of the adventure trails. Each trail has a unique path layout and you can choose between crossing bridges over fallen trees, climbing and crawling over old tree trunks or experiencing the forest from the perspective of a lynx.

Thermal Baths

Bathe in the curative waters of the thermal baths of Friedrichsbad, a nudist palatial bath built in the 19th century. Although women and men bathe together, swimming suits are forbidden and the pleasures of water, steam, sauna and soap massage must be enjoyed nude. However, next door sits the modern Caracalla Spa, named after Emperor Marcus Aurelius Caracalla, where you can keep the swimsuit on and relax in one of the two large heated outdoor pools.

Grand Casino Baden

Once called “the most beautiful casino in the world” by Marlene Dietrich, Grand Casino Baden was designed in line with French royal palaces, featuring a glamorous red and gold interior. It is steeped in 250 years’ worth of history and rose to glory after 1838 when Paris closed its casinos. Gamblers from all over the world were flying to Europe to feed their habit and it is even said that this casino was Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s inspiration to write The Gambler.

What once used to be a glamorous way to spend the evening is finding it difficult to attract people due to the rise of technology. Land-based casinos, just like all other industries, need to embrace new business models and incorporate innovation in its practice in order to keep its customers happy. Although gambling fans can now enjoy their favourite games from the comfort of their home due to online casinos that are here to make life easier, they are two different experiences.

While online casinos offer an easier way to dip in and out of the most outstanding games at any time, traditional casinos are those kinds of events that you remember for many years to come.

Regional Food

Thirty six restaurants in Baden-Baden are recommended by The Michelin Guide, while two starred restaurants reside there – Le Jardin de France and Röttele’s Restaurant in Neuweier Castle. There is something for every taste and every budget, but with Baden cuisine being considered one of the best in Germany, regional food should definitely be on your list! The region thrives asparagus, mushrooms, venison, herbs, honey and freshly caught dish.

One of the most popular dishes of the region is the Black Forest Cake, also known as schwarzwälder kirschtorte, which is filled with cream and cherries soaked in a special cherry schnapps called kirschwasser.

The things you will see and experience in Baden-Baden are one of a kind. Its enchanting forests, heavenly cuisine and 19th century architecture will always make you want to come back.