Here we are going to emphasize on the role a stimulating bedroom plays in your child’s growth and development and help you create the same for the apple of your eye. The bedroom should be a place where your little one can thrive.

The second of the cognitive stages of childhood development from the four is known as the preoperational stage. It lasts from ages 2 through 7 and is crucial for developing memory and imagination. Therefore, you will want your kid to keep with him/her the fond memories of his/her childhood bedroom and it to positively influence their personality.

We present you with such creative ideas for your children’s bedroom that will help shape their moods, make them value their surroundings, grow a healthy mind and eventually ready to take the world in their stride. After all, early to bed and early to rise!

Animal army

Sympathy and kindness are two essential traits of a healthy personality. And what’s better than trying to inculcate them through friendship with the objects representing other living beings in your children’s bedroom?

We love a tropical themed bedroom full with lush green trees and leaves with occasional peeks of animal drawings here and there. You can go with light wood furniture to compliment the green backdrop and to ease out the things a bit. Or, you can dedicate a single wall to a jungle themed mural.

Attach a bed to the same wall, throw on a bed sheet with animal or cartoon print and let them swim through the depths and heights of their dreams with their animal besties.

Mr. Bachelor Jr.

Now this will be “the bedroom” for your son. The room we are trying to make you imagine will be monochrome themed with occasional pops of bright colors to balance the black and white. The place will be apt for a little master of around 12 and above. Hang in a punching bag if fitness is essential to your son. Add gaming consoles to the décor. It will add to the bachelor vibe. Speaking of gaming, check out this article that reviews and decides upon the best n64 games.

Cover the windows with vertical shades, attach a black headboard to a bright colored bed and throw in a beige carpet to pull the bachelor vibe together and voila! I bet your son is going to look for excuses to bring his friends in there.

For your Geographer

Take your child’s knack towards geography seriously and gift him/her the bedroom of dreams that would not only make your kid jump with joy but will also inspire him/her to pursue the hobby.

You can easily find world map wallpapers. Or, you can get a mural drawn on one of the walls. Theme the bedroom around the colors of the map like blue and green. Install light colored furniture to keep the room lighted and airy. Put blinds and heavy curtains on the windows to help your child in getting better sleep during the day if required by cutting out the light.

Artist’s canvas

Get a chalkboard wall painted in your kid’s room and watch your kid chalking down his/her imaginations. There are peel and stick chalkboard wall decals available on the market too! Letting a kid express his fantasies in some way is one of the most effective ways to develop his personality. It also provides a window into their minds and the thoughts cooking in there.

Therefore, give your child enough space to showcase them. A wall to put up the drawings on paper is also a good idea. You can also buy accessories that are painting themed and hang a few small modern or abstract art pieces here and there.

Pastel Paradise

Your little girl will fall in love with a pastel themed bedroom. Pastel colors are soothing to the eyes and add a cozy vibe to the room. Pastel hues are naturally linked with childhood. Therefore if you want to provide your child with a dreamy bedroom and the best memories of her moments spent in the bedroom, this is the best option for you.

Paint a white color with a light undertone on the walls. Put sheer curtains on the windows. Add a few squishy toys here and there. Add pastel colored bedding and rugs to the scene, and you have your pastel paradise ready. You can also add some minimalistic paintings on the wall, so they don’t feel empty.

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Vintage for teens

A vintage chic room is perfect for teens. Putting together a children’s room without making it look too childish calls for inclusion of pastels and playful objects like plushies, pillows, cushions, etc. You can incorporate a vintage vibe by adding some artwork that complements the colors you will be playing with.

A corner on the floor with a comfortable rug and a few pillows add to the homeliness of the room. The thing with pastel is you don’t need to worry about the pastel colors you choose. Every pastel goes with another pastel. So a pastel yellow couch, with a pastel blue center table and pastel pink bed linen will look easily put together.
For the vintage bit, merely throw in a few chic, sharp works of art like a vintage vase, or a light stand or an over the head art piece.


Bohemian style is the easiest go-to style for a teen that gives an eased out vibe to your children’s living space. Boho chic involves playing with various items that indicate whimsical vibes like fringes, prints, tassels, etc. You can also play with patterns that aren’t a particular geometrical shape.

Things made from natural elements like jute bags, seats, out-of-the-box printed patterns can form a part of the boho chic décor. Plants form an essential part of the boho décor too. Nowadays succulents as room décor are trending. Incorporate them in your room like by the window or as a piece on the center table, and this will add to the whimsical nature of the room.


We couldn’t stress enough on the importance of the environment on your children’s mental health. Therefore it is essential to provide them with a bedroom where they feel at home, a bedroom that gives birth to new imaginations. We hope this article gave you some helpful insights into designing your kid’s bedroom.