Every woman – regardless of how feminine or girly she considers herself, will have a pair of sneakers or two tucked away in her closet.

After all, how could you get by without having a pair? Sneakers are always our go-to comfy option when we are heading out of the house – when you just want a comfy pair of shoes to head to the grocery store in, when you want to go for a walk through the park, when you want to go to the gym, and so on. Since sneakers suit a range of practical purposes, their design is often always something of an afterthought – after all, this is the shoe that you just shove on while leaving the house in a hurry. As long as it’s comfortable and the cost doesn’t break the bank, that’s fine right?

Actually since looking good equals feeling good, why not ensure that your sneakers are as envy inducing and glam as the heels you sport on a Friday night out with the girls? Here are some of the hottest women’s sneaker trends in 2018 to give you a little slice of inspiration.

Platform Sneakers

Several of the most fashionable and renowned brand names in the industry have got involved with the platform sneaker scene and we highly recommend that you consider giving them a whirl. Platform sneakers are designed to take you to new heights – offering you a little boosted platform at the base. The beauty of platform sneakers is that they look a little more formal and dressy than the average sneaker and as such they can be dressed up or dressed down however you see fit. Platform sneakers also come in a wide variety of colours, meaning that there is certainly something to suit everyone.


Everybody loves a little blast from the past and that fact is no different when it comes to sneakers. Over the years we’ve seen the market change as crazy colours, quirky designs, and even platform sneakers have been introduced into the market. The trend for 2018 is stripping things back to basics and sporting retro sneakers – so that means the original black and white striped Reeboks, and the traditional style converse. Sometimes simple is best!

Air Sneakers

With the sneaker throwback revival going strong, Nike Airs are back and bigger than ever before. With an option from every colour palette – from nudes that somehow seem to make sneakers look sophisticated to bright, vivid Air Jordans that take us back to the nineties.

Gum Sole Sneakers

Gum sole sneakers are one of the hottest women’s sneaker trends right now and they are great because they not only look trendy, but they also serve a practical purpose – since the gum material that lines the bottom of the shoes means that your sneakers won’t get dirty or scuffed so easy from daily use as the average sneaker. The beige colours of the gum also makes a cool contrast between whatever colour material you have opted for for your sneakers. The look is a little retro mixed with a slice of indie chic.

Sock Boot Sneakers

Sock boot sneakers have been gradually creeping into fashion over the past few years but in 2018, their presence in the marketplace has exploded. Sock boot sneakers are pretty much exactly as it says on the tin – sneakers that look like socks. They are more aesthetic than the name suggests however, and the designs often feature embellishments and unusual fabrics or designs. Think sneakers meet couture. Sock boot sneakers are produced by a number of brands – from high end fashion houses like Balenciaga, to your favourite sports brands. They can be dressed up or dressed down and unlike most sneakers, they don’t look out of place in a more formal setting.