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Scotch Tape 3M Brand Products for Industrial Applications

Scotch Tape 3M While other tapes give up at the first sign of stress, Scotch® Box Sealing Tapes keep right on protecting your precious contents. Scotch tapes deliver consistent performance and maximum security for your boxes.

Make it secure.

Scotch Tape 3M You want your shipments to arrive safe and sound. But cutting corners on box sealing tape, could be disastrous when tapes don’t meet the demands of stress, weather and temperature conditions or hard-to-seal materials, like recycled corrugate boxes

Scotch Tape 3M When you select the right Scotch® Box Sealing Tape for your shipping conditions, you gain the productivity of a one-strip sealing process and confidence in knowing there’s 3M engineering behind it. Secure your boxes and your reputation with Scotch® box sealing tapes.

Scotch Tape 3M Reduce smashed fingers and cuts, damaged palletized product or the frustration and risk of moving unwieldy bundles by choosing Scotch® filament and strapping tapes to handle your toughest jobs. From light weight to heavy duty loads, this Scotch® tape family won’t let you down. So bundle and carry or reinforce and transport with confidence that you’ve chosen strong, durable and dependable industrial strength Scotch brand tape.

Scotch Tape 3M When the package design looks great why shouldn’t the tape?

Scotch® Specialty and Light Duty Packaging Tapes will look great and stay secure. From perfectly clear tapes to close high end packages to tapes that withstand high temperatures or adhere to hard-to-stick materials, be confident your products will make a great impression when you choose Scotch brand tapes.

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