Rear Gear Butt Covers For Pets – No More Mr Brown Eye


A clever entrepreneur has come up with the idea of covering animals rear holes. The name of this invention is “Rear Gear” and its proving to be very popular in the states.

You may think the idea of this is ridiculous but the owner has sold every one she has made so far and so these butt covers are actually turning out to be lucrative products.

Rear Gear is a simple, hand-made device that attaches to the pet’s tail and completely covers its unattractive backside with something pretty like a smiley face, a flower, a heart, cupcake and many more. It’s genius and it’s about to make a brilliant entrepreneur from Portland very rich.

The Rear Gear is suitable for cats and dogs. The owner has come up a slogan for this product “No More Mr Brown Eye”.

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1 thought on “Rear Gear Butt Covers For Pets – No More Mr Brown Eye

  1. Im amazed that someone sat down & decided that something like a butt cover was needed. The fact that someone thinks its a good invention leaves me stunned. Have we nothing better to do with our money than worry about some dog/cats freckle? Honestly, give to a charity&help someone in need! Sheesh!

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