When vaping started became a hit a couple of years back, the main device was a cigarette pen that came with batteries, coils, and a tank.

Today, innovators and manufacturers have come up with different types of vaping devices, accessories, and tools. As such, any vaper who is interested in enjoying their vaping experience should know more about these modern devices and tools.

So, let us go through these modern devices and tools that every vaper must know about and understand how useful they are.

Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries used in e-cigs, vape mods, and Juuls have revolutionized over the years. People initially used single-use batteries that posed a big challenge. Today, rechargeable batteries are the norm. To make them even better, manufacturers have come up with fast charge adaptors that will juice your vape device battery within an hour and USB powered chargers are now everywhere.


These are affordable e-cigarettes made by the Juuls lab in the US. These devices are popular among youths because they are fancy. Juuls have one-time nicotine salt cartridges and they can be highly addictive. These devices are good for beginners and intermediaries, but if you are looking forward to using DIY e-juice, this is not a good option because the pods come prefilled.

Vape Mods

These are also called box mods or ecig mods and they are very popular today. Some people might confuse them for modified vape pens, which in fact they are not. These are more sophisticated vaporizers that are meant to come with modern features like programmed procedures, bigger tanks, and are made from a range of materials. Some are cheap while others are extremely expensive depending on the materials used to make them. Their experience is better than an ordinary e-cigarette.

Vaping Tools

Apart from the devices we have discussed above, there are various tools used to prepare the wick, clean the coils, open the vape device, and so on. When you know them, it makes it easier to enjoy the e-cig.

· Screwdriver – It is used for unscrewing when you want to access the inside of a vape device. It is also used to assemble the device back together.

· Scissors and snipping tool – Some people prefer to prepare their own wick for a better experience. Scissors or a special snipping tool is used for cutting the wick at such a time.

· Cleaning brushes – It is highly recommended to use a clean vape device at all times. A special brush is used to clean the coil chamber and tank thoroughly to eliminate any debris and residuals that might have accumulated.


Although it is not a tool, this accessory is one of the main determinants of vaping experience. It comes in small bottles and is then poured into the tank of an e-cig. If you travel a lot, make sure that your e-juice bottles are fastened well to avoid leaking. You can have as many flavors as you wish.

Final Word

For a great vaping experience, it is better that you understand these devices, accessories, and tools. Better still, know how to use them for a better experience.