This Levitating Chess Set Will Freak You Out

A new product is coming on the market which allows you to make things float. This levitating chess set freaked us out but the floating Millennium Falcon was just awesome.

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The levitating effect is created by using a module from Dutch company called Crealev. The company also sells products with the module installed such as lamps, phones and they even have made the famous pink hoverboard from Back To The Future 2.

This Levitating Chess Set Will Freak You Out 3

This CLM levitation device consists of 2 parts; a base module and a carrier. The base module has an optical sensor and is powered by the electric mains and the carrier a magnet disc which can be used to hold or integrate into any object you desire.

Crealev has several different sized modules that holds different weights. If you wish to find out more about these levitating devices then visit Crealev’s official site here.

Being Star Wars fans we loved seeing the Millennium Falcon floating, what would you use it for?

This Levitating Chess Set Will Freak You Out 2

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