At the cost of 102 million dollars this gigantic Noah’s ark replica theme park attraction is the biggest arc anywhere in the world!
So let’s look at some of the finer details for this amazing biblical attraction. The length is 510 feet, the height is 51 feet. This amazing creation took six years to build. It is construction with over 3 million feet of wooden planks and stands on a 40 acre site. Inside you can find 132 exhibition bays. It can handle 6000 visitors per day. So if you ever decide to take a Kentucky vacation make sure this one is on your bucket list.

The ark was built by Amish workers and funded by Christian foundations. The hope is that is will attract visitors from all over the world of all religions.

The ark story was originally told in the old testament. The world was going to be flooded and a huge vessel was needed to save the animals and of course Noah’s family. Back in 2010 remnants of what is thought to be the original ark which could be as old as 6000 years. Were found by archaeologists in Mount Ararat, Turkey.

Measurements for the ark are accurate to those listed in the bible.

Whether you are a religious person or not. Anyone would enjoy a day at the ark to see this amazing construction of one of the most famous icons in history which is actually mentioned in many religions.

If you can, you should try to visit this attraction at Ark Encounters based in Williamstown, Kentucky. The inside is a museum of sorts that tells the story of the ark, its potential meaning and interpretation based on our present day, and how it has manifested itself over the course of our history. It is decorated with all things related to the Ark. The ground sports a very nice and modern logo. They wouldn’t let me take pictures of the inside unfortunately. This same logo could be found in much of the merchandise, of course for sale at the large and fully stocked gift shop.

If you check it out and find that you enjoy it, then you could also consider another attraction close by. Also built by Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, is quite close located just 45 minutes away in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Kentucky Vacation – Visit The Biggest Version Of Noah’s Ark In The World