The Manta Resort has a new room on the Pemba Island in Zanzibar which floats on a shallow coastal coral reef and has an underwater bedroom that lets you sleep among the fishes making this one of the best island hotels in the world. How awesome would it be to spend the night here?

The bedroom, which was opened just this month, is located in a room below deck that has large viewing glasses offering guests a view of the colorful aquatic world outside. Above deck, a three-story structure gives guests all the amenities of a regular hotel room, albeit with an incredible view.

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By day, tropical fish and other sea organisms float and swim by the window. At night, lights illuminate the water outside the windows, attracting squids and other otherwise shy sea creatures. The whole thing is anchored about 250m from the coast. Can you imagine being rocked to sleep by gentle waves, waking up in the morning and diving in to swim with tropical fish? If so, you also better imagine shelling out $1,500 USD a night for two or $900 USD for a single occupant.

The creator of the floating room, Mikael Genberg, first created an underwater hotel room in Sweden called Utter Inn (Otter Inn). The single room floats in the middle of Lake Mälaren and, like at the Pemba Island room, gives occupants an enchanting underwater view of the lake’s fishes from its under-water bedroom.

Island Hotels - Underwater Bedroom Lets You Sleep With The Fishes

Island Hotels - Underwater Bedroom Lets You Sleep With The Fishes







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